What Every RV Owner Must Have Before Heading on the Road

Whether you are an RV newbie or you already have plenty of experience, there are some things that are essential to own before you hit the road. If you want to know the basics and be prepared to jump into your RV and start having fun, you may find this article very useful.

If you have never owned an RV before it can be very exciting, but also intimidating and you may feel you have a lot to learn. Being familiar with your vehicle is very important, so make sure you know how the system works and where everything is. This detailed guide is here to help you. Let’s get started!

Purchase And Pack The Essentials

Having all the equipment you need to operate and maintain the RV is very important. You should know that every RV has different essentials, based on the type of vehicle and RV’s features. But, here is a list of things you absolutely must have:

So, you have already purchased all the must-have items from the list. It’s time to consider other items and accessories as well. This can include outdoor gear, storage solutions, add-on features (like satellite antenna or solar panels), pressure regulators, and various tools. We will discuss some items in this article, but these are some common ones. If you have a lot of electronics don’t forget an electrical adapter so your appliances can be powered up and ready. There are so many options that are made to ensure you have a perfect adventure in your mobile-home.

Make Sure You Have Top-Quality Tires

It’s no surprise that tires are important for every vehicle. Never forget to check the date on your tires, even if you are buying a new RV. It sometimes happens that sale companies put older tires to a new RV, unfortunately. This may seem crazy, but we’ve got your back. Check for a 4 digit number on the back of your tires and find out when they were made.

Looking up the weight of your RV and matching it with your tires is a great idea. You can do that with a load capacity PSI chart and it will ensure a safe and smooth ride.  Be sure and consult with experts like keystone RV dealers for guidance.

Make Sure You Have Top-QualityTires

Invest In An RV-Specific GPS

Assuming you can take any route you want to your destination is a common mistake that many RV drivers make. Most of us just type the address into our smartphone and follow the directions as if we are driving a car. Still, directions from standard GPS or a navigation app can’t always apply for an RV and it can lead to some dangerous situations. Your smartphone GPS doesn’t “know” that you are driving an RV, so it can’t predict tunnels, low-clearance bridges, or roads with restrictions and weight capacities.

The first step is to know the weight and the height of your RV. Always avoid hairpin curves, narrow roads, and even the roads with low hanging tree branches.

The only way to know you will be safe is to purchase an RV-specific GPS. By doing so you won’t damage your vehicle or stop the traffic to turn around. There are a variety of choices on the market, so make sure you find the best one for your needs and enjoy your drive.

Instant Pots Are A New Must-Have

If you prefer home-cooked meals to fast food; if you are trying to have a healthy lifestyle, or you have some health conditions that require you to cook your food from scratch this is the item for you. Instant pots have become extremely popular in the RV community. They are so powerful that they can combine a slow cooker, an electric pressure cooker, a rice cooker, and, believe it or not, a yogurt maker. With this multi-functional unit, cooking becomes less of a chore and more fun. So, if you thought you can’t make delicious roasts, stews, rice, soups, and more while on the road – you were wrong.

What About Some Camping Chairs?

There is nothing more pleasant after a long day of driving than to lounge outside and watch the sunset with a glass of wine or a beer. This is a “dream come true” situation for almost every passionate RV driver. There are many affordable and high-quality camping chairs on the market, with tons of different styles, so you can choose the best one for your needs. There are even types of chairs that can fold into a backpack for your convenience and easy storage, or chairs that have sun protection if you plan to use it throughout the day.

What About Some Camping Chairs

Traveling by RV has become very popular with many families for a good reason. It’s definitely the best way to explore the country, whether you are going to a national park with your kids, or to a romantic adventure with your partner. An RV makes it possible to take all the comforts of your home with you on your journey.