The Mess Left Behind

Let’s all unanimously agree that having a child at home means a permanently messy home, the walls are penciled and coloured, clothes never stay in their assigned places, you are always bombarding into toys and hurting yourself as you walk around. The floor, that is a whole other sad story because each time it gets harder to get rid of the stains and marks that fall on those beautiful floorings. The walls can be painted eventually, the clothes can be repeatedly pushed into the already messy closet and floors can be cleaned with a proper and effective floor scrubber. It could even be a good cathartic experience to scrub them all once in a while.

Legos and Laundry:

One thing that poses the most headache is the toys, because no matter where you stack it back, it always finds its way back into the most inappropriate of places. And there is no higher pain than the one when you hit your pinky toe on a lego piece, you will be seeing stars and birds for a good amount of time. There is also the added factor of laundry which is a never ending task, there is always a million laundry to wash everyday.

Kitchen Kink:

The kitchen too is an apocalypse in itself, the kitchen counters are splashed with different pastes which you are not even sure if is food or something else, the utensils are not cleaned, they are just stored up inside the sink or the dishwasher. The kitchen floors are laughably pathetic too, at least in the rest of the house, you can manage with rugs and carpets but when it comes to the kitchen, you can’t even carpet it out. It’s just a raw floor and raw mess of your life, once again floor scrubber to the rescue plus a lot of soap and a set of gloves would be your best friend to deal with this whirlpool of a disaster.

Bath and Beyond:

The same combination of cleaning items come in handy for the bathroom as well. Potty training is a messy business, it is unpredictable and tests your patience, your bathroom is not going to remain your escape anymore, the kids are going to be rallying in and out of it with no care in the world. Forget the concept of solitude and a nice piping bubble bath, there will be days together where you will be unable to take a bath. It is exhausting beyond imagination.

The Joy:

What makes it all worth it is the kids, they are your blood and a reflection of your image, in their naughtiness you will find a shelter and in their giggles you will redeem your energy. At the end of a long day when you are fatigued and drained out, you will find your happiness in your kid’s warm embrace. Your love and your sense of responsibility towards them will drive your life and will make every single struggle completely worth it.

So, buckle up for the ride, it will be messy on most days, painful at times but above all, your home will be filled with joy and laughter every single day, so much so that once they grow up, you might actually end up missing the mess. After all, what is life without someone to carry your legacy around and without people to call your own.

Author Alison Lurie