5 Reasons Why You Should Include CBD Tea In Your Morning Routine

Having a nice routine every morning can make your whole day better. Not skipping your breakfast is a good start, as your body needs nutrients to function properly some like drinking coffee, while some prefer tea. If you’re one of the tea-lovers out there, you can try out CBD tea, which has a lot of health benefits.

CBD (cannabidiol) oil is an extract from the hemp plant that’s mainly used to treat certain medical conditions, such as chronic pain and epileptic symptoms. Though it is from hemp, it doesn’t contain any components that can make you “high” once consumed. I just urge you to explore more about the proven benefits and Uses of CBD Oil.

CBD oil is safe for human consumption, and there are a lot of reliable brands you can buy it from. This extract has been commonly used as a component in food, beverages, makeup, lotions, and topical creams. CBD tea is one of the products that are currently trending on the market.

To make a cup of this infused drink at home, all you need to do is to create your tea how you usually do it and mix some drops of CBD oil in it afterward. By including this in your morning routine, you reap the benefits of both products in one drink.

If you would like to know more, here are 5 reasons why you need to take CBD tea in the morning:

1. Helps You Relax

You can begin your day stress-free by drinking CBD tea in the morning. Consuming CBD has been scientifically linked to the reduction of anxiety and depression symptoms.

A cup of this tea can make you feel calm and relaxed at the start of your day, as CBD alters the production of serotonin in your body. High levels of serotonin can boost your mood and make you feel happier.

2. Alleviates Headache and Body Pain

If you usually wake up with a massive headache, drinking CBD tea may help you. Because of its anti-inflammatory properties, CBD is used to treat pain, whether acute or chronic.

You can also take a CBD infused drink in the morning if you’re experiencing muscle soreness or upper back pain. Recent studies have also proven that it’s indeed effective in reducing the pain experienced by people with arthritis.

CBD works by stimulating a person’s endocannabinoid system that can interrupt pain receptors. Take a cup before leaving for work so that you can move comfortably without any muscle and body pain.

3. Aids in Digestion

Consuming hot tea has been long proven to help people by soothing their upset stomachs and helping their digestion. CBD tea is also a great alternative if you need a boost.

By adding a few drops of CBD oil in your tea, you can improve your gut’s health and avoid constipation, gastritis, irritable bowel syndrome, and other gastrointestinal diseases.

When left untreated, these conditions can also ruin your daily work and routine.

4. CBD Tea Improves Heart Health

It’s always best to start your day with food and drink that’s healthy for the heart. Tea alone can even prevent heart disease by reducing cholesterol levels in your body.

When accompanied by CBD, this infused drink can enhance your heart health by reducing the risks of vascular damage and high blood pressure. A study shows that CBD intake could promote better blood flow and the survival of white blood cells that help the body fight infectious diseases.

5. Can Make Your Skin Glowing

Your skin care regimen is also a must-do in the morning to ensure that your face and skin look beautiful all throughout the day. Drinking CBD tea can help make your skin supple and youthful as it contains antioxidants.

CBD oil is also proven to reduce unwanted facial acne. It helps by managing the production of sebum on the face, thus avoiding clogged pores that cause pimples. CBD tea can also keep the moisture of the skin, which prevents the appearance of dryness and wrinkles.

Together with other beauty products, CBD tea can surely make your skin clear and glowing.


These are some of the health benefits you can get when you purchase and consume CBD tea regularly. CBD oil is commonly taken sublingually (at the bottom of the tongue), and it usually has a slightly bitter aftertaste. Combining it with a tea of your choice can mask that taste if you prefer something sweet and delicious to drink.

If you’re planning on using CBD tea to treat a specific illness, it’s still best to seek advice from your physician before use.