Tips for keeping your Home Siding clean

Homes are considered one of the necessities that everyone needs, and rightly so. It would make sense that we spend a hefty sum to live in our homes much more comfortably. People would add several pieces to their home to either make it more secured, aesthetically pleasing or even both, so make sure to check the components you’ll be installing on your home.

What is Home Siding?

Home sliding can primarily provide additional protection and other aesthetics to your home; you just need to know what material you should be getting. The typical sidings you could be seeing are made of pieces of vinyl, wood, and aluminum. Depending on your location, you should choose the one that suits you best; different materials vary their functions to the weather and climate. Once you’ve installed it on your home, you now must ensure it’s well maintained to last much longer.

Tips in Cleaning your Home Siding

Choosing and installing the correct home sliding is the hardest part of the process; now, you just need to maintain this additional layer on your home. The life of your sliding depends on how well you preserve them, so learning a few basic things can significantly help maintain your home sliding.

Cleaning your home sliding, for the most part, is a vital process in preserving its life. Dust and pollen build-up could quickly find their place within your home sliding, especially during summer when the rain comes very seldom to help wash those dust away. So, you better prepare yourself for cleaning your home siding; you must accurately know the parts, sections, and materials you have – because it wouldn’t be just power washing and your done type of cleaning.

  • Vinyl Home Siding: Having vinyl installed is both cheap in terms of the price and cleaning. Vinyl tends to respond appropriately with light and intermittent sprays of water. Nevertheless, if the dust gets thicker, it may require you to clean it thoroughly due to the possible stains and dust build-up in spaces and groves.
  • Wood Home Siding: For wood sidings, spraying water wouldn’t just cut it. You would need some basic tools to clean this type of home siding. A Scrub brush, bucket, and hose are some standard tools you might need. Ensure to light wash your home sidings alongside light scrubs to clean and remove dust and grimes properly. A rule of thumb, stay away from power washers at all times; they may sound and look satisfying, but they could actually do more harm than good for your home sidings. Power washing your wooden home sidings can cause them to break easily and might cost you more in the long run.

Cleaning Tips

Having the right tools could help you throughout the process, but learning how to use them would be even better.

  • Thoroughly Scrubbing: Scrubbing obviously is the most basic way to clean your home siding, let alone anything. One pattern you can follow is scrubbing from bottom to top the rinse it from top to bottom. This would be much efficient and could avoid and unsightly dust streaks.
  • Check your Cleaning Products: If you are cleaning with chemical products, make sure to check the ingredients; some cleaning products could be too harmful to your plants and grass. 
  • Look for complications: Since you’re already cleaning it thoroughly, you might as well take your time to check possible issues and problems circulating your home slides. Proper maintenance requires you to double-check these things to ensure quality. If some areas need repairing or replacing, quickly do so to avoid any significant damages in the future.
  • Rinse properly: If you’ll be using cleaners to clean your sliding, ensure to rinse them properly. You don’t want any harsh chemicals to be left unwashed; even a tiny residue that will be left behind can damage your home sidings in the long run.

Hire a Professional

Hiring a professional is the best tip you can do if you’re unsure about cleaning home sidings. You can also get few tips from them if you’re planning to do it yourself in the future. But always remember that it’s your home that you’ll be cleaning and taking care of, so ensure it will be maintained appropriately. You don’t want to shell out few more bucks for the repairs.