5 Benefits of Hiring a Professional Pet Care Service

If you have a pet at home, leaving them can be a stressful experience, whether it just for an evening out or a two-week vacation. If you need to leave your pets for work or travel, you have likely considered different pet-care options out there, such as asking help from family members, friends, take your pet to a kennel, or try professional pet care services. Among these options, we can say that hiring a professional mobile veterinary service is the best choice.

Today, many pet owners are using the services of professional pet sitters to take advantage of the benefits of in-home pet care. Yes, your friends, family, or neighbors can take care of your pets, and it may seem like a logical choice, but pet care services have the experience needed to take good care of your pets. They are experienced and trained in working with different types of pet personalities, and they know how to spot and avoid dangerous situations for your pets. In addition, they also know how to administer medications, and they can tell if your pet needs veterinary attention. 

If you are going on a trip soon and you are considering hiring a professional pet care service, here are the 5 benefits that you can get from doing so.

When you opt for a professional pet care service, your pets can stay at home

The best thing about hiring a professional pet care service is that your pet can stay in his own home and stick to his everyday routines. Depending on the character of your pet, he might find it stressful to be in a boarding kennel. It is also much easier for a pet owner to relax on vacation when you are sure that your pet is not stressed or nervous the whole time you are away. 

Professional pet care services can offer customizable deals

A professional pet sitter can work with the pet owner to know the service level that will best suit your pet. For example, if your dog only needs a few walks per day, or if he is more comfortable with having someone to stay overnight, the pet care service can tailor their offerings to you and the needs of your pet. 

You can also hire professional pet care services even if you are not leaving. For example, if you have a busy work week or you need to do something at home, a professional pet sitter can come to your home and give your dog a walk and take care of him for a while. 

A professional pet care service can give one-on-one attention to your pet

Hiring a professional pet care service can help you ensure that the pet sitter is focused on your pet and is not juggling to care for many dogs and other animals at one time. This means that the time they spend with your pet is focused and personal. 

You can ensure the health of your pet with a professional pet care service

Hiring a professional pet care service means the safety and health of your dog will not be put at risk. This is because your pet will not be exposed to other dogs that have potential illnesses. In addition, if something goes wrong, the professional pet sitter can notice it immediately and be able to reach out to a veterinarian as soon as possible. Most professional pet sitters also have a backup in case of emergencies and illness. 

Hiring a professional pet care service is convenient, and you can avoid burdens

Hiring a professional pet care service means you no longer need to worry about bringing your dog to a facility, dropping him off, and picking him up at a given time. In addition, you also don’t need to have someone else check in on your house while you are away. 

It can also help avoid burdening your personal relationships with your friends and family. Sure, they love your pet and are willing to look after them once in a while. But with a professional pet sitter, you no longer have to worry about asking your loved ones too often or worry that they won’t be able to care for your pet properly while you are far away from your home. 

These are the 5 benefits of hiring a professional pet care service. Also, keep in mind that when looking for a pet sitter, it is essential that you are hiring a professional one and not just some random person off of an app. You can search for ones that are members of Pet Sitters International or PSI or National Association of Professional Pet Sitters or NAPPS. Ensure that the pet care service you are hiring is knowledgeable and skilled, trained and experienced, insured, responsible, and trustworthy. We hope this article helped you in learning more about the benefits of hiring a professional pet care service. 

Factors to Bear in Mind

Think About a Professional Pet Care Provider’s Reputation Before Choosing One

An excellent approach to learning about new goods or services is through word of mouth. Information may now spread via internet reviews, website testimonials, Facebook, and Twitter interactions, etc. Always check a competent pet care provider’s website and any mentioned credentials before hiring them. Verify whether they have any involvement in the pet business other than their work. Keep in mind that anyone may publish anything on their website.

Ask to see written endorsements, search for reviews, like their Facebook page, and get feedback from current customers. Any reputable pet care company should be prepared to offer you the phone numbers of at least three previous customers so you can call them and ask them about their satisfaction with the service.

Are They Bonded and Insured?

Several pet service businesses claim to be insured. Sometimes it is simply office insurance that covers their car, office, and supplies. You must confirm that they have a valid pet service policy that includes third-party responsibility. Any reputable pet service that takes their company seriously will have this kind of policy to safeguard both you and them. Also, they must be bonded and subject themselves and their employees to background checks by the authorities.

Be sure they are individually bonded if a pet service provider employs independent contractors rather than employees. They might not have the same protections under the firm as workers have. As a pet owner, get formal confirmation from them to offer you peace of mind.

An emergency should be handled competently by your pet care service

Your professional pet service should always have a backup plan in place in case they become sick, experience a family emergency, or, god forbid, have an accident. Your pet should always have access to care when they are unable to attend as scheduled.

They must have procedures in place to deal with emergencies involving your pet or your property swiftly and effectively. Find out if the prospective pet sitter is trained in animal CPR and First Aid.

You ought to be required to fill out documents specifying whom to notify and where to transport your pet in the event of an emergency.

Evidence of Services Done

As we all know, animals cannot speak. They are unable to tell you what they did or whether your pet service filled their water dish while you were away. As a pet owner, you would be interested in learning about the hikes your dog took or how many squirrels they pursued. Every time they visit, your pet care service must leave a note with this information. Nothing is worse than paying for services that are not complete.

How much does it cost?

When it comes to pet services, fees are often assessed either per visit or, if they are staying over, per night. The price will vary according to the number of pets, any particular requirements, and the duration of your absence.

After obtaining this information from you, professional pet care services will provide you with a quotation.

There are several options available now for pet services. Experience, individualized care, dependability, attention to detail, and the knowledge that your dogs are receiving the finest care possible while living comfortably at home are all advantages of hiring a professional pet care service. Because your pets are a part of your family, you should engage a professional pet care provider to take care of them.