How to Make a Bicycle Accident Claim on Behalf of Someone Else

Claiming on behalf of somebody else in the wake of an accident can be very stressful and it is not something that many people enjoy doing. Even so, in some cases, it is a must, and you are left with little option. If you are unfortunate enough to have to claim on behalf of a friend, loved one, or acquaintance, then you have found the right article. The stress a person can endure when they are unable to articulate themselves or to speak for themselves can be absolutely tormenting, so by making a claim for them, you are doing them a great service.

This article will focus on bicycle accidents particularly. Accidents that occur on bicycles have the potential to be fatal, and very often they are. If you are claiming on behalf of a person who has been injured on their bicycle, then look no further than here.

Here is how to make a bicycle accident claim on behalf of somebody else.

Why Must You Claim?

The first thing you must do, before making a claim, is finding out why you need to claim for them, and why they cannot claim for themselves (if they have asked you to claim for them). If they have not asked, however, and you believe that you should be making a claim for them because they are unable to claim for themselves, with their permission, go ahead. If they are asking you and you see no good reason why they cannot claim for themselves, however, then ask them, and if you are satisfied, go ahead with the claim.

Find an Attorney

The first step in making an accident claim on behalf of somebody else is to find the best attorney that you can. While you will be making the claim, the attorney will do all of the legwork and the hard stuff (not to diminish your position in the slightest). Finding an attorney is more than recommended. Whether you choose this site or that, this is something you should put a lot of effort into. Look carefully and do a lot of research into your prospective lawyer.

Evidence Is Fundamental

If you are claiming for a person who is unable to articulate themselves and claim for themselves, then you will need to acquire evidence to present to the attorney, as well as the person’s version of events. Evidence in these cases is very important, as the actual claimant is unable to be interviewed or give testimony. Find as much evidence as you can before you attend the attorney’s office, lest you get shot down, and your case dismissed. Always go prepared for a meeting with your lawyer.

Written Permission

You will also need signed and written permission from the claimant, or if they cannot do that, some kind of expressed permission. You cannot just make a claim for somebody without their permission, you see. You also need a reason why you are making the claim and they cannot, as we have already mentioned. Only arrive at the lawyer’s office once you have received written permission, otherwise, they may not take you on as a client, and they may not consider it legal to do so, despite being willing and wanting to do it.


Doing your due diligence is absolutely essential if you are intending on making a claim on behalf of somebody else. You need to have studied all of the paperwork and need to know all of the particulars and details surrounding the case, you mustn’t exaggerate them either. You will also need to communicate and convey what is happening in the case with the actual claimant, which could be difficult if they cannot communicate properly. Doing your diligence and opening lines of communication is essential. You must remember, it is not your case, but it is the case of your friend, loved one, or whoever you may be representing on behalf of.



You should aim to be as available as possible when you are claiming on behalf of somebody else. You need to be available whatever time you are called upon and need to be willing to help. Availability is a very important part of being somebody’s representative. You should aim to be as available as you would want somebody to be with you. Do not neglect them, forget about them, or move on with your life because you have other things to do. You have committed yourself to them, now you must present yourself when asked to.

In this article, we hope to have explained to you how you can make a claim on behalf of somebody that has been injured on their bicycle. Injuries vary in severity and if it gets to the point where a person needs you to intercede and claim for them, it is likely a very serious injury. Because of this, take it as seriously as you can. Thank you for reading.