What Should You Check Before Outsourcing your Commercial Laundry in Denver?

Denver is ranked as the best place for running a business and the second-best city for starting a business. Owing to its central geographical location connected to the mountain states, Southwest, and Western states across the US, Denver is the hotspot for all business.

If you run a business in Denver in the hotels, food, healthcare, spas and salons, and automotive sectors, you may be considering outsourcing your laundry. With a lot on your plate, it may be wiser for you to let the experts handle your commercial laundry while you focus on your core operations. The following are some important things to check before you outsource to a service provider for commercial laundry Denver:

Laundry Load Capacity

If you own an Airbnb or a Hotel in Denver, there can be tremendous amounts of laundry you can generate. For instance, it was estimated that Airbnb hosts in Denver hosted around 11,300 guests during the five big weekends of 2019 alone and had a total of 547,000 guest arrivals in 2019.

Therefore, check if Denver’s local commercial laundry has industrial load-capacity washers and dryers and pressing tools to handle the linens and sheets of your Airbnb or hotel facilities in Denver. This way, you can rest assured that the laundry company will take charge of your laundry needs while focusing on your guests’ needs.

Type of Laundry Detergents Used

Type of Laundry Detergents Used

Hygiene and safety matter now more than ever, especially amid the pandemic situation in Denver and across the US. Therefore, ensure if the place that does commercial laundry in Denver uses premium detergent brands, bleaches, and fabric softener for a clean, safe, and hygienic finish. If your business has any specific washing or drying needs for the laundry, the laundromat’s staff should be accommodating to fit your requirements.

Pick up and Delivery Service

The northern metro of Denver is one of the most industrialized areas, with places like Commerce City in Adams County. Commerce City is home to one of the largest refineries and has around 1400 companies ranging from small businesses, entrepreneurs and national headquarters. These businesses may require their employees to wear uniforms.

If your business belongs to the Northern Denver metro, check whether the laundry company arranges a recurring pickup and delivery service to handle your varied laundry needs. This can further save travel time and avoid the hassles of dropping off your multiple laundry loads.

Select a commercial laundry service in Denver that provides you with pickup and delivery facilities so that you can divest your resources to other productive things that need more attention.

Turnaround Time

Finally, check what the turnaround time is and whether it perfectly fits your business’s schedule and clothing routine. Most hotels and Airbnb hosts need their linens and sheets back in time for the next guest. It’s best to choose a provider of commercial laundry in Denver that delivers your laundry within the promised time without compromising quality.

Denver is a city known for its rapid progress and creativity with a supporting landscape for business. If you’re looking for a reliable support partner to sort your laundry needs, consider the above factors to outsource your laundry to the right commercial laundry service provider in Denver.