Yes, You Can Sue Your Landlord for Wrongful Eviction (And Here’s Why!)

Ever wondered if you can sue your landlord? Yes, you can see your landlord for wrongful eviction and here’s why. Click here for more!

If you’ve been a victim of wrongful eviction, look no further.

Landlord-tenant relationships can be difficult to manage, especially if a landlord tries to take advantage of their tenants. Unfortunately, many landlords decide to force their tenants out of homes with illegal methods if they don’t like them.

Wrongful eviction is a crime and leaves people without shelter, but many aren’t aware that they’re able to take legal action. By getting an eviction lawyer, you can sue your landlord and get compensation.

Keep on reading to learn more about how to fight wrongful eviction.

What Is a Wrongful Eviction?

Wrongful eviction happens whenever a landlord tries to evict you by illegal means. One of the main ways this happens is when they force a tenant to leave by threatening them or physically removing them from the property.

A landlord that prevents you from getting into a part of your home or changes the locks when you’re away is also committing wrongful eviction.

Before you can get evicted, landlords need to go through several steps. In most cases, a landlord must notify a tenant that they have anywhere between 30-60 days to leave the property. This gives tenants plenty of time to remove their things and find a new place to stay.

Right now, many landlords are wrongfully evicting their tenants due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Most of them are struggling to find shelter because they’ve lost their jobs. Not knowing that you can sue your landlord for wrongful eviction makes the situation worse.

If you get wrongfully evicted, you have the right to take your landlord to court. Understanding how to get your landlord in trouble will make the process simpler, increasing the likelihood that you win the case.

How to Fight Wrongful Eviction

If you’ve been wrongfully evicted, one of the first things you’ll need to do is contact an eviction lawyer. These lawyers specialize in wrongful evictions and other types of crime involved with landlords and tenants. You should also contact the local police and inform them about the situation. If they show up, you may be able to get your belongings.

Tenants fight wrongful evictions for many reasons, but the main purpose is to get their belongings back and receive compensation for abruptly getting evicted. When someone is wrongfully evicted, they’ll have a hard time finding a new place.

Compensation can cover several months of rent and any belongings lost during the eviction. People will ask, “How much can I sue a landlord for wrongful eviction?” The number varies, so you’ll have to discuss them with your lawyer.

Meeting Your Lawyer

When you hire a lawyer, you must give them details about everything that happened. Letting them know the ins and outs of the case will make it easier to convince the court that you’ve been wrongfully evicted.

If you have any evidence, provide it to them. They’ll ask you several questions about the eviction, so answer them as thoroughly as possible.

With your lawyer, try to get your belongings back before you take the case further. If your landlord finds out that you’re trying to sue them, they might get rid of your things out of spite. After getting your belongings, you and your lawyer can start going through the legal process.

Your lawyer will guide you throughout the process so that you understand what’s going on. They’ll go over what you should say in court to convince the judge and work with you to come up with sufficient evidence.

You’ll be advised to stay away from the landlord so that you don’t run into future problems. If the landlord tries to confront you, you should inform both the police and your lawyer so that you’re prepared in case something happens.

How to Find a Lawyer for Your Case

Finding an eviction lawyer isn’t difficult as it requires nothing more than a quick Google search. When you open Google, you can type something along the lines of “eviction lawyer near me.” Providing that your browser has access to your location, you’ll get local results of lawyers.

Including your city within the search will narrow down the results to just your area instead of lawyers from around the region. Finding someone in the same city would save you time because you won’t have to drive far to meet with them, which you’ll be doing often.

Choosing a lawyer should be based on their performance and reviews. If a lawyer has negative reviews, there’s a good chance that they don’t win most of their cases. When searching, check Google Reviews to see how other people’s experiences went with a certain lawyer.

After you find someone that you’re interested in, you can contact them from their website. They’ll ask you for some information about what happened and will decide if they’ll work with you.

Don’t be worried about lawyer fees because they typically don’t charge unless they win the case. Depending on the lawyer you opt for, you may not have to spend more than a few hundred dollars. Try to not go with anyone too expensive because you’ll end up paying more for them than you’ll receive in compensation.

Consider Hiring an Eviction Lawyer Today

Wrongful eviction is something that many people struggle with because they don’t know where to turn. Fortunately, you can hire an eviction lawyer to help you get your money back and more. The process doesn’t take long and you’ll be able to get what’s owed to you.

If you’ve been wrongfully evicted, inform the local authorities and start looking into eviction lawyers. After getting anything you left at the house, start taking the case further with your lawyer.  Hopefully you can get back to family time and focus on parents and children and not legal issues.

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