How Can I Unplug and Disconnect From My Smartphone While on Vacation?

Are you getting ready to go on vacation soon? Vacations can be such great family bonding time.  Here are some tips that will help you unplug and disconnect while on vacation.

Ah, vacation time. It’s not often that we as Americans get to take time off from our busy schedules, so whenever the chance arises we need to take full advantage of it and enjoy every minute while it lasts.

The challenge is actually disconnecting from our phone and enjoying ourselves while we’re on vacation. Our phones are always with us, no matter if we are at work, home, or anywhere in between. Of course, they’re also on us when we go out to relax as well.

You didn’t go on vacation just to keep eyeing your phone. So what can you do to disconnect from your device and enjoy the good times? This article will fill you in on what you need to do to properly relax and unwind. Keep reading to learn more!

Start Untethering Before You Go On Vacation

We’ve all become quite a bit addicted to our phones, and cutting cold turkey can be much more difficult than you could imagine. Instead of trying to suddenly stop all at once, try to slowly ween yourself off of your phone before you travel.

For example, if you check your phone once every five minutes, try to stretch it to once every 10 minutes, then once every 20 minutes, and so on. Pretty soon, you’ll be able to go for whole hours at a time before having to look at your notifications.

Handle All Business Before You Go

We all tend to use our smartphones for business purposes as well, and quite often we tend to bring our work with us even after we leave the office. That doesn’t need to happen when you’re enjoying yourself away from all the office labor.

Take care of all of your work matters, such as clearing up your emails, handling your clients, or tying up loose ends with your workgroup, so you have nothing to bother you while you winding down.

Lock Down Social Media Apps

Everyone wants to be the next big social media buzz, and every time something even remotely interesting happens we feel the need to share it. You need to fight the social media urge and cut off the connection.

Many phones come with the option to severely limit or completely cut off access to social networks. Make sure to use this option to take your eyes from the screen, sit back, and relax.

Since you know about how to take time away from your phone to enjoy your vacation, you can go about learning other ways to try disconnecting from life and enjoying the moment. Here’s to a happy vacation!

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