Why Custom Bobbleheads will Make a Great Gift for Your Friends and Family

Image by: Adam Moss from East Amherst, New York, United States – National Bobblehead Hall of Fame, CC BY-SA 2.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=79490400


Who wouldn’t like a mini version of himself greeting him with a lovely nod all the time? Everyone knows about bobbleheads, but do you know you can get them custom made?

Custom bobbleheads are unique gift ideas for someone you love. Especially when you want to mark an important event, use bobbleheads to give your friends and family the only gift that’s all about them.

This fun doll won’t only make a great gift, but something which can make every head turn and every heart blossom with the fond memories that personifies the gift forever.

Reasons Why Custom Bobblehead Will Make A Great Gift

Dog bobblehead image

Sculpting a bobblehead requires creativity; as such, it will be nice to have good ideas and photos of what exactly you need the sculptor to create.

Which is why consulting an expert is ideal for helping you craft the statue to represent what you have on mind.

Have a Family Time Altogether

A family that bobbles together stays together. For a family that already had a family portrait, it will be ideal to do something different with your family.

A custom bobblehead of them will be a fantastic gift they’ll surely have on display for long.

You can also make your family custom bobblehead every few years as the kids might have equally grown and developed in size, shape, and facial structure. The family will love it, the grandkids will have something to adore, and the fond memories will remain to be cherished for years to come.

Parents can use it as a gift of self-confidence by presenting their kid with a bobblehead of him/herself as their superhero.

The reward could be due to her level of politeness, good grades on exams, or any other good deed like politeness. Just to motivate the child into working harder.

Made to last

Picking a gift for friends or family isn’t always simple, especially when you want to make an impression.

Let’s say it’s your son’s birthday, and you’ve been thinking on what to buy or what could be the perfect item to gift him, particularly something that fits his character and passions, and something that will also be kept as a memory for a long time.

In that case, the best option will be a custom bobblehead; because its ageless, timeless, and can fit any occasion.

The custom bobblehead depicts true friendship.

Be it valentine days, birthday parties, wedding, engagement, or just for that special friend in your life, bobblehead is the surest item to gift.

Take a photo to the sculptor and let them handcraft an immortalized work of the person in his/her exact likeness, be it a co-worker, bride or groom or a friend.

Give it to that person and instill a true friendship in his/her heart as this will forever remain a one-of-a-kind gift.

Family Gatherings

If you have an extended family and you’re so occupied that you don’t get the chance to check on them, custom bobblehead is a great gift to unite them.

Make a bobblehead doll of them and share it to each member. Doing so will definitely show that you still love and cherish them, because such a gift may be least expected from them, which will make them love and adore it the more.

Great gift for holidays

Aside from surprising your extended family, it’s also a great gift for the holidays. If you’re on vacation and you don’t have any idea of what to get all your relatives that you barely know, buying a bobbleheads doll for them are a safe and effective choice that they will wholeheartedly cherish for a long time.

Designed to Your Specifications

Bobbleheads make extremely unique gifts because you can customize them however you want. This means you can create a bobblehead with custom clothing and features. If you decide to give someone a bobblehead, you can customize it to have the same clothing as that person and even add facial features that match theirs. For example, suppose the person you are gifting a bobblehead has long blonde hair. In that case, you can replicate it by letting the manufacturer know. 

Bobbleheads Are Unique and Inventive Gifts

Everyone gets gifts like perfumes, chocolates, and handbags on special occasions. If you want to stand out with your gift, a bobblehead is a fantastic idea. They have become common over the years, but your loved one will truly appreciate one if it is customized. You can have it look like the person you are gifting it to, or you can have it look like a celebrity they admire, their children, and even their pet. They truly make for a present that is treasured for the years to come. 

Ideas for Custom Bobblehead Dolls As Gifts

Bobbleheads make for good gifts for your friends and families. Here are some ideas of how you can customize a bobblehead to make it unique for the person you are gifting it to.

Parents Bobbleheads

Getting your parents matching bobbleheads can be a cute gesture on their anniversary. You can get a pair of matching bobbleheads or customize them to look like one another. There are many options for getting names and messages carved on them too. The possibilities are limitless. 

Wedding Bobbleheads

If someone you know is getting married, getting them a bride and groom bobblehead pair can be an adorable and memorable gift. You can get a standard bride and groom, or you can get it customized to make it look like them, which will make it even more inventive. 

Couple Bobbleheads

When Valentine’s rolls around, you may want to get your partner something different and unique. In such cases, a couple bobblehead set might be different, fun, and affordable. The best part about getting a couple bobblehead set is that you can customize them and put them on display at your place. 


Custom bobbleheads are cute gifts that you can get made for your friends and family. Not only are they unique, but you can also make them super personalized by customizing them. Doing so can create a miniature replica of the person with their head constantly nodding.