Why Buy Organic Flour?

Most of us know exactly what flour is, and we cook with it and eat with it a lot. From biscuits and sandwiches to the breading on your favourite fried chicken, flour is used in so many different applications that we most likely could not even count them all. However, did you know that there are all sorts of different types of flour out there on the market? Most of us know that grocery store stuff, which is typically white bleached flour that’s used for popular recipes. This stuff has been pulverized and chemically altered, to be clear, and thus you’re not really experiencing flour in its best form, like with a whole wheat organic flour or a similar option.

That point alone is a good enough reason to get you to buy organic flour online at a place like grainworks.com because the product will just be far superior to what you typically find in grocery stores and the sorts of products those factories mass produce for consumption. Though if you still need further reasons to check out better products via the Internet, here are eight solid benefits that you can experience by buying quality organic flour online.

8 Solid Benefits of Organic Flour Varieties

1: Heartier and Tastier

Organic flour is definitely a whole lot heartier. The reason here is that it isn’t milled down to little bits of dust. You actually get some body in here, and that means that you’re going to get more taste. More of that earthy, natural, umami-like flavour is going to burst through with each bite. Turning that pulverized stuff into a tasty treat requires tons of add-ons like salt, butter and especially sugar. This is why so many white flour recipes are unhealthy. Food that tastes better obviously translates into foods you will want to eat more of. So, it’s a lot easier to get healthier with organic flours due to the fact they just taste much better.

2: Develop Stronger Bones

Most of our parents taught us that we need to drink plenty of milk to have healthy and strong bones. While this is true, due to the calcium in milk, that’s only half of the equation. The other half is actually phosphorus, which works along with the calcium to develop the materials used to construct your bones. Eating whole grains and wheat flours that haven’t been overly processed will fill your diet up with a very important element for the development of strong bones.

3: Stabilize Your Metabolism

It’s a common myth that people who are overweight have slow metabolisms. In fact, their metabolisms work too quickly, which is why they’re always hungry, and why many of them end up diabetic with blood sugar spikes. The slow-burning carbohydrates in lightly processed whole grain flour options will help your body’s metabolism work in actual balance. The food breaks down slowly over time, which is very beneficial.

4: Boost Your Folic Acid Intake

Another good reason to buy organic flour online is that you can increase your intake of folic acid in your diet. This is the colloquial name for vitamin B9, and it’s a very important factor in helping to generate and regulate your red blood cell count. This will, in turn, help you to protect your DNA so that you don’t experience any changes that could promote certain types of cancer. Folic acid can help your body fight off those free radicals that cause cancerous growth.

5: Help Prevent or Treat Diabetes

As touched on above, your metabolism balances out because the carbs are slow to burn and release energy, but this also helps out with blood sugar too. Your blood glucose levels are controlled by the body’s pancreas’s releasing of insulin, which signals to your cells that it’s time to open and absorb the glucose. Whole wheat flours break down slowly and give your body a lot of time to ease into this absorption of glucose, thus regulating your blood sugar levels, which can help prevent one from getting diabetes or help them treat the condition.

6: Improve Concentration

Organic flours can also help you to boost your brainpower. This happens by introducing more Niacin into your diet, which is something that your brain requires to function properly. Not only can the inclusion of more Niacin help you concentrate better, but it can also help regulate your sleep patterns better. It’s something that’s great for all-around healthier brain function.

7: Eat Less, Feel Fuller (Weight Loss)

If you have been struggling with your weight, then you could benefit greatly by going with organic whole wheat flour instead of that stuff from the typical store shelf. The fully, heartier organic flour is going to fill you up faster. And since it takes longer to break down, it will leave you feeling fuller for a lot longer. This means that you can actually stick to your diet and may end up eating a lot less. On top of all the other benefits, it will help you to improve your overall health as you’re shedding weight.

8: Endless Varieties and Recipes to Try

This may be last on the list, but for many, it’s actually the top benefit. You have dozens of different types of organic flours from which you can choose. Brown rice, barley, amaranth, whole wheat, buckwheat, and on and on it goes. Many people end up getting bored with their diets, and this ironically causes them to go for the simplistic things like over-milled white flour because it’s a lot simpler, and they don’t like cooking anymore. With the vast array of organic flour options available to you at a good online millers, you can find an endless array of products for a huge list of recipes.

One thing we hope you keep in mind here, however, is that the flour you buy is only ever as good as the location selling it. So, if you don’t find the right online store, you will not find the right flour to purchase. Just keep that in mind when you’re shopping.