What services do seniors need most?

The state of our lives today demands a great deal from us. Whether you are talking about time, effort or money, it never seems to be enough. Time is, especially in limited supply. Parents have to take care of their children and still work simultaneously. Even upon retiring, there never seems to be enough time to go around. TruBlue of Centennial comes in to offer home care plans to cater for each individual’s situation, especially for the elderly, who have increased health problems. Aging in place is the best way to work around their limited mobility. Here is a list of services that seniors may benefit from. 


Mobility is an essential factor to consider for the elderly and any age group since it is a fundamental characteristic of a living human being. In the case of the elderly, you may need to consider mobility both within and outside the residence. It is vital to make sure that seniors can get from one place to the other hassle-free. Make sure to provide either a motorized chair, walker, wheelchair, or simply a cane to simplify movement within their surroundings. It would be wise to consider installing wheelchair ramps for multiple stories, wider doorways, and handrails. Consider using a shower chair for the shower and a lift for getting out of bed. 


Transportation is as crucial to a senior adult as much as it is to anyone else. It is essential to ensure that the elderly can access transportation easily. It is common to see older people lose the ability to drive effectively. However, that should not limit them to staying at home. It is essential to set up alternative means of transportation for them. You could have a caretaker pick them up regularly from their home to run errands, visit the doctor or even attend social functions. You could also find a way to provide easy access to rideshare platforms, public transportation like trains and buses or taxis that offer reduced fares. 


Some senior citizens may require proper medication to remain in good shape health-wise. Proper health could mean physical therapy, psychiatric therapy, orthodontic care, foot care, regular dental checkups, or simply regular general visits to the doctor. The elderly may also need assistance in taking their medication. You may be required to hire a home health aide to assist them with their insulin injections or other medicines. The homecare givers may also help offer regular checkups such as routine blood pressure readings or taking their weight. Check with your insurance provider to get notified of the home care plans that are available. 

Personal care 

Personal care or custodial care deals with assisting with the tasks involved in daily living. For senior citizens, these seemingly ordinary tasks can become challenging with age. The mobility and flexibility of youth are diminished in their later years. The elderly may need help in showering, dressing, preparing regular meals, personal grooming, cleaning their homes, and personal items, among others. This extra attention may necessitate hiring a home-health nurse or assistant, either for a few hours a day or to provide around-the-clock assistance. Providing personal care is good for enhancing the quality of seniors’ lives, which is essential for their general health and wellbeing. 


Nutrition is an integral part of any human being’s life, young or old. To maintain proper health and lead a stable life, we all need to maintain sound meal plans that consider our dietary requirements. The elderly are no exception to the rule; if anything, they need more attention. You may enlist the services of a nutritionist or similarly qualified caregiver to find out the best meal plan for the individual’s lifestyle. The caregiver will be helpful to ensure they eat warm and adequately balanced meals every day. You could also opt for outsourced meal programs such as the Meals on Wheels initiative, ensuring that the elderly receive at least one balanced meal a day. 


Having a social life is imperative for the mental health of anyone. A sedentary lifestyle will only make things worse for the elderly, accelerating mental ailments and loneliness. It is essential to organize activities and opportunities to meet other people and socialize. You may find it helpful to enlist the help of day programs that specialize in providing daycare for the elderly. 

Do You Have a Senior Loved One? 

It may sound like a good idea to take care of your senior loved one yourself but getting professional help is never a bad idea. Some experienced professionals could offer insights that are out of your reach. Reach out to homecare givers to find out more about taking care of senior citizens.