When is it Time to Finally Replace Your Old Vacuum Cleaner?

Although vacuum cleaners are designed to be tough, durable, and reliable but they will not last forever. These machines comprise of several components that have a lifespan attached to them. Sometimes, vacuum machines do not last long due to the ignorance of the owners when it comes to basic maintenance, whereas in other cases, they might simply give up as they are old and need to be replaced. So the question many people ask is, how do you know when it’s time to replace a vacuum machine? There are several signs to look out for in such cases, let’s take a look. 

It’s Not as Powerful

The first sign you should observe and lookout for is the weak suction power. Once your vacuum machines become old and weak, its suction power will decrease as well. If you notice that you have to run your vacuum machine over the same spot multiple times, then it is a clear sign of a vacuum machine breathing its last. At the same time, it might be that your machine was always like this and you need to remember. You need to remember whether it performed the same way the first day you brought it home. If it was designed to run and perform that way, then ofcourse you cannot do anything about it.

In addition to that, you should also check the filters. If they happen to be clogged or dirty, the suction power will be affected. Ensure that you inspect all the pipes, hoses, and attachments for clogging. Deciding to replace your existing vacuum by purchasing a new vacuum should only be done once you have run proper checks. See if the problem is fixable. Otherwise, you cannot simply fight the years of continuous use and wear and tear that has contributed to the machine’s decreased suction power.

There’s a burning smell

Vacuum cleaners often give off a burning smell when they are running. If you notice that the burning smell is continuous, you might want to stop using it and get it checked before the problem damages the machine permanently. Furthermore, if you feel that your machine burns everytime you use it or turns itself off, you might want to consider purchasing a new vacuum. Moreover, you can also inspect the machine for tangled and stuck hair and cut them using a scissor or any other tool. If the smell still exists, then you need a new vacuum machine.

Making Weird Noises

All vacuum machines tend to be noisy. If you have been using your vacuum machine for a while now, you must be well accustomed to its sound. As a result, it makes it easy to notice unusual noises. Waiting for the noise to go away by itself is not a wise decision. You should immediately attend to it and solve the issue before the machine gives up. You can get it checked for issues if repairs are possible. Otherwise, buying an entirely new unit should be the only choice. 

Exhausts Dust Instead of Clean Air

Typically, such problems are related to dirty filters that you can clean and re-install. Not only is this frustrating but also forces you to buy a new vacuum machine. The reason is that every vacuum machine performs best with its original air filter. If you were to use any other, the chances are that the machine will not accept it. As a result, it will exhaust dust instead of clean air. Moreover, vacuum machines today come with HEPA filters that are designed to trap the majority of dust particles. Therefore, if spare parts have become a bit tricky to find, you might want to consider buying a new machine. 

Regular Breakdowns and Expensive Maintenance

A vacuum machine that has gone weak will break down more often. While you pay for repairing or replacing one part, another will go out. Therefore, you will be trapped in a vicious cycle of constant repairs that will eventually become too expensive for you to maintain. As a general rule of principle, if the maintenance cost overtakes the original value of the machine, it is not worth spending any money. Instead, you can save and buy a new machine. At a point in time, your current machine will be spending more time with the repairman than cleaning your house, which is not feasible under any circumstances. 

Final Word

Concluding, vacuum machines tend to be powerful machines. They will offer optimum performance for several years until they give up. Therefore, if you come across any of the signs above, you might want to consider purchasing a new unit. Make sure that you define your purpose so that you end up buying the right product.