What Issues Can You Face While Vacuum Cleaning Your Home

Although vacuum cleaning is an easy process but can wreak havoc if problems were to arise. It can become painful to not be able to determine the actual source of the problem. And while you stand there staring at it hoping that it would come to life, you think of throwing it away and buying a new one. However, those who have owned a vacuum machine understand that certain problems will arise at one point or another. Therefore, it is best that you are prepared for them. Let’s take a look at the potential issues you can face while vacuuming your house so that you are familiar with the solutions as well.

Vacuum Machine Leaves a Trail of Debris

Vacuums designed for carpet cleaning feature powerful suction motors and brushes that pick stubborn dust particles and other remains. If you observe that your vacuum machine is leaving a trail of debris, it might be that the roller brush or brushes are filthy and need to be cleaned. With time, the brushes accumulate hair and other substances that will make it harder for the brush to lift dirt and dust. As a result, the vacuum cleaning process will achieve nothing. It might also be that the belt responsible for spinning the roll brush is weak. Moreover, check the bag or the container as well. Blockages are normal in vacuum cleaners and you should regularly clean them to avoid related situations. 

Loss of suction

Loss of suction is quite common amongst vacuum machines and it usually means that the machine has a leak somewhere. It might be that either the hose is cracked or the bag is leaking. If your vacuum machine does not include a bag, then it is time that you clean the machine as the extreme accumulation of dust and debris will prevent reliable suction. Once you have run other checks and find things to be normal, then the last thing you will want to do is check the filter as dust can gather and make it difficult for you to vacuum and breathe. 

Vacuum Shuts Off When The Cord Is Moved

If you have a vacuum machine with a cord, you must have run over it from time to time. This can cause your machine to develop electrical problems such as shutting down when the cord is moved. It can be determined when the machine only works when the cord is adjusted in a particular direction. While most users ignore the issue, you will want to act immediately as it can pose a fire hazard or a short circuit. Take it to a professional who will fix the problem within minutes and will not hurt your wallet either. However, if you ignore it, you might end up damaging the machine permanently. 

Randomly Turns Off During Use

Vacuum machines are equipped with a safety feature enabling them to automatically shut off when the machine has become too hot. If your machine is constantly turning off, it might be that something is causing it to overheat. Even though vacuum machines are designed to lift almost every type of dirt but there are several limitations as well. For instance, objects and items should be removed before vacuuming as machines are not designed to suck metal and plastic objects. It will put unnecessary stress on the machine, forcing it to work harder and as a result raise the temperature to the point where it shuts itself. 

Burning Smell

Sometimes when you are vacuuming your house, you might feel something burning closeby. That is probably your vacuum machine. Vacuum machines sometimes give off a burning smell but not always. If you observe that your vacuum machine smells burning then it might be that your belt is broken. Even though inspecting your machine regularly for worn-out parts is a major factor related to vacuum cleaning tips but you never know when a belt will give up until you open it and inspect it visually. Luckily, the solution is easy and you can do it on your own as well if you know your way around vacuum machines. If not, you might want an expert to look at it.

Final Word

The issues mentioned above are normal occurrences. The key lies in determining the root cause of the problem. In most cases, you can fix the issue yourself, whereas in other cases, you might want to take the machine to a professional. Remember to stop using the machine as soon as you hear or smell anything unusual. Ignoring the problem will only damage the machine and lead to expensive repairs down the road.