What Technologies Can Help With Time Management?

It is impossible to deny the involvement of technology in our life accompanied by several benefits. It allows us to perform, improve, connect, manage and leverage our resources like never before. One of the biggest advantages of technology is the ease of managing tasks in a timely and efficient manner.

In this post, we will be discussing about the time management tools and apps that are used by the productive people throughout the world. Keep reading!

Technology And Time Management


The benefits and drawbacks of technology go side by side. Besides a hundred of good things; it is also responsible for distracting people for getting the work done timely. Imagine yourself browsing random website at work hours, downloading apps that are just the wastage of time and breaking concentration with continuous notification sound. It’s a pitfall, my friend!

Our goal is to help you leverage the power of tech instead of being its victim. Mentioned-below are some ways to lighten your workload through the great initiatives of automation. Have a look at the best free apps for time management

Reduce that Clutter and Use the Cloud

Stacks of papers, complicated filing systems, books and binders are old school now! The good news is; you can now keep the entire library and office documents in your pocket, all thanks to the technology. You no longer need to sit in front of the computer tables all day and end up in neck pain and poor back posture. The following tools and apps will help you store your data online.

1. Dropbox


It is probably the most used and celebrated storage application at the moment. You know the best part? Dropbox is free of cost!! You can get 2 GB space, and can unlock even more space by performing certain tasks, like referring the tool to a friend.

Dropbox enables its users to upload files and sync devices in a matter of a few minutes. Which mean, you no longer have to move files to portable devices countless times because Dropbox will do the job automatically. No matter where you are; accessing the data of your tablet, laptop and smartphone is just a click away with this one.

2. Google Drive

Google drive is mainly used for creating and editing documents or spreadsheets. Ever lost all your data due to an application closing down? It’s heartbreaking! Save yourself from the loss and use Google Drive instead. It helps you access files, add comments or make quick edits from anywhere. All you need to do is; REMEMBER YOUR GOOGLE LOGIN AND PASSWORD. 

Besides, the application also allows you to create distinct files and share with others in the form of links. Don’t worry! No one can open the uploaded data without your permission. It’s safe and secured.

Wondering if what are the differences between the two apps? Check out the comparison table.

Name of app File size restriction Free storage Operating systems
Dropbox None 2 GB Windows, Mac, android, Linux, iOS,  Kindle Fire, blackberry, 
Google Drive  10 GB 15 GB Android, Mac, iOS, Windows

Manage Your Schedule and To-Do List


Managing schedule is important to be productive and successful. Stop wasting your precious time trawling through emails, text messages and paper calendars because this hour demands to make a good use of technology! Several apps are there to help you add reminders, mark important dates and create a to-do list. 

1. Google Calendar

It is an easily available handy tool with amazing features. Google calendar has the ability to sync with other task applications, so you can manage your to-dos easily. Ultimately, it will improve your time management skills.

2. Remember The Milk

If you are finding it hard to remember deadlines and important task; this application is a savior for you! It can perfectly sync with Google Calendar and allows you to create reminders, projects and share tasks with others. To cut it short, Remember The Milk is an upgraded version of the basic to-do list.

3. Track Your Time

Time tracking can spare you a lot of minutes for some me-time, and Track Your Time application is just going to make this hassle-free for you! 

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4. Toggl

If you charge your clients as per the hours spent on the work; Toggl is the best app for you. It enables the user to track accurate time spent on the project or task in the form of chart and graph. The tool is quite handy and can be used on the PC and the smartphones.

Moreover, you can also overview your time spent on surfing throughout the day. Knowing this can help you become more efficient in the work.

5. Pomodoro Technique

Struggling to keep your focus at work? This technique is designed for you! It helps its users by splitting their work span into a 25-minute slot followed by a short break. By the end of each session; you will be given a reward. Pomodoro Technique works best for those who gets distracted easily.

The tool also allows you to squeeze or increase your work slot. You are sure to see surprising results by adopting this technique; guaranteed!

Delegate Tasks to Team Members


Whether you are a company director, manager or a team member; delegating a task is a significant skill that you need to practice and master. Fortunately, technology allows you to manage a team effectively without requiring frequent conferences and meetings calls. Moreover, these applications are equally suitable for the employees. Read on to know how!

1. Basecamp

This tool is ideal for collaboration as it enables the team member to create an account, upload files, create to-do lists, chat, assign project and more. Moreover, it helps you attach visuals and images on the website, making it perfect for company working in the creative field.

2. Staying Incommunicado (Limited Time)

The greatest drawback of technology is its addiction. It is not easy to stick to the work when several apps are popping in the background and tempting you to open them. Can you relate? If yes, then you need the incommunicado app in your life! 

This tool helps you stay focused on one task from your to-do list at a time by blocking the distraction (for a limited time only).

3. Email Auto-Responders

Replying to all the incoming emails instantly is not humanly possible in a professional setting; relying on instant replies is not a wise idea either. A great way to resolve this issue is to train your co-workers and clients to follow a clear system in which you will reply to the emails during a particular time of the day. You must be wondering how to do it.

Well, you simply need to set an email auto-responder telling the exact time you will be online. You can also add an emergency contact number where you will be available in case of some urgency. This way, you can ease your mind and do the other things while the auto-responder will handle the rest.

4. Blocking Websites

Social media has a bunch of uses, but it can be our worst enemy as well, especially in terms of time-wasting. It is literally an addiction where we can spend countless hours without getting frustrated or tired. You can now take a break from these time-sucking platforms by blocking them for a while. At least, during work hours to maintain focus. 

By blocking we are referring to blocking alerts or notifications from these sites on your phones or laptops. This way, you don’t get distracted at work due to buzzing devices.

Benefits of Using Time Management Tools

Time management tools can benefit us in a long run; the key is to be consistent in the usage. It is a common and easy practice to enthusiastically use a tool when it is new and forget about it later. We are giving you a few good reasons to stick to the time-saving tech apps and become more productive. 

Time Management Tools helps you:

  •  Organize your days, week and month ahead by setting your tasks as per priorities.
  • Send reminders of pending tasks with deadlines.
  • Analyze and record the amount of time spent on work or other apps.
  • Simplify administration, like invoicing, reporting, etc.
  • Coordinate with team members.
  • Manage workload and meetings better than ever.
  • Minimize distraction and improve focus on important things.
  • Reflect on the mistakes.
  • Develop new habits, like being punctual, connected and determined.
  • Decide better about priorities
  • Work faster and efficiently
  • Spare extra time to spend with family to plan a vacation trip. Learn more about it here.

Become A Master of Technology Not a Slave!

Time management skills play a significant role in the success and growth of a person and fortunately, technology can help you achieve your goals effortlessly. There are several tools and applications to decrease your workload, secure the data, manage your team and save you a lot of time in general. However, to get the best results; you need to use the tools consistently. Besides, it also helps an individual to focus on work and prevent distractions. The key is to make a good use of it.

All in all, technology can be your best bud and your enemy too, depending on how you will use it. So, what is your choice?