What Is Slide & Grill Technology?

We all have our own preferences when it comes to cooking, especially those who love a good grill. Often, you’ll choose from charcoal or propane. A recent method (only 20 years young) is the use of slide and grill technology with the help of wood pellets.

It is an electric experience, both literally and figuratively. With no need for gas, fluids, and lighters, pellet grills make use of wood pellets that look like large, cylindrical capsules. It’s been a popular choice among grill masters, as seen in this Camp Chef PG24MZG SmokePro Slide Smoker Review.

What Is Slide and Grill Technology?

Slide and grill technology employs a corkscrew mechanism. A motor helps feed food-grade pellets into cooking grates, which, in turn, creates smoke and heat. This new tech also consists of a storage bin, where pellets are loaded. The said bin, called a hopper, is attached to the grill.

This technology is known for burning cleanly, without almost any traces of ash. It works through sawdust being subjected to high temperature and pressure. The process yields lignin, a natural wood glue that helps in smoking and grilling. Note that there are no additives involved.

The Advantages of Slide and Grill Technology

Other than knowing what the technology comprises, you might want to make the switch because it offers benefits for health, efficiency, and flexibility.

1. It is a healthier, cost-effective option.

Slide and grill technology, particularly pellet grilling, is posited to lower the risk of cancer better than other grilling forms. With research data highlighting that cooking meat through charcoal grilling increases cancer risk, wood pellet grilling definitely comes as a welcome alternative.

The technology uses an indirect cooking method known to reduce the amount of carcinogenic chemicals in food. Another advantage is the fact that it doesn’t require the use of dangerous chemicals like propane. This factor also makes it a cost-effective choice. This method of grilling is certainly a good candidate for your next family grilling session.

2. It provides an efficient, flexible method

Another benefit is the cooking efficiency that the slide and grill technology provides. Wood pellet grills heat quicker than charcoal grills, which could take 30 minutes or more. They also preheat fast, only needing 10 to 15 minutes. What makes this even better is its ability to prevent nasty flare-ups, thanks to its safe and intuitive design.

Also, because you can regulate its temperature in five-degree increments, the griller can provide heat control with pinpoint accuracy. This is made possible by a thermostat, which sends signals to the controller to regulate the delivery of pellets.

Temperature control is important to avoid uneven cooking. It also provides users with more options as to what meals they can cook and prepare. With the slide and grill technology, you won’t be limited to just grilling steaks, patties, and sausages. You can also make desserts like bread pudding and cookies through pellet grills.

On top of that, grills made through this technology are very flexible. They can work as a gas grill, smoker, and wood grill at the same time. Whether you need to braise, bake, roast, slow-cook, smoke, or even fry meat, this technology makes it possible with ease and confidence.

While that is an advantage not seen in ordinary charcoal and gas grills, we also love the fact that it eliminates the need to haul and chop wood. After all, they’re part of the grilling process we’d rather skip any day.

3. It brings out the right flavor and temperature

Propane grills are known to heat up quickly but diminish great flavor. In comparison, the slide and grill technology brings out the juiciness and smokiness of the food.

This is due to the naturally shredded wood packed in quarter-inch food-grade pellets, which emit natural wood smoke. The consistency and size of the pellets also help predict meat output and control temperature.

4. It delivers variety

A bonus to this technology is the good range of woods you can use. Peach, oak, apple, maple, hickory, mesquite一there are many choices. Each type of wood can give a different bite and smokey flavor to your food. Anyone who uses the grill can be playful and innovative in creating food combinations.

Grilling, the Improved Way

Given the advantages mentioned, slide and grill technology is definitely a force to consider in the next big camp adventure or family barbecue. It comes in a number of sizes, including commercial-size units for cooking an entire hog or pulled pork for large crowds.

It’s just a pity that these grillers could not be taken to the beach, given that electricity is needed. That said, it is perfect for any occasion that allows you access to an outlet, such as your next family barbecue. It’s also great for both beginners and experienced grillers alike. HuffPost even dubs it the easiest grill to manage; purists aside, that is.