Are Outdoor Kennels with Roof and Floor Better Option Than Dog Crates?

You may have to leave your dog alone at home for an entire day or a few years. If you don’t have a proper place to house your furry friend, the other options will be to allow them to roam around freely in the house in your absence or keep them in the mudroom, laundry room, bathroom, etc. These are uncomfortable situations from every aspect. Hence, you may think about buying a kennel or crate. It’s essential to know that crates are primarily for indoor use and can be slightly bigger than your dog’s size. Kennel tends to be perfect for the outdoor settings for their semi-permanent highlights. You can leave your dog in it for a few hours or an entire year.

Let’s dive into the specifics of the two options to compare them for a better understanding.

Outdoor kennel VS indoor crates

Also referred to as doghouses, kennels resemble tiny houses with slanted roofs. They can shelter your dog while keeping them safe and secure against the elements. Some enclosed homes can come with doors and an extended run to help them soak in the fresh air. Variety and endurance cannot be an issue as the kennel material tends to be suitable for outdoor conditions. You may have to care a bit more for them, but you can get rid of this by choosing a high-quality option. If you have to spend most of your days away from home, you can trust an outdoor kennel with a roof and floor to be the better alternative.

Your canine buddy can also enjoy the setting to stay outside while safely housed. Choose something that protects them from direct sunlight on a hot day or unpredictable rain showers. Search for an outdoor covered dog kennel for an idea.

Dog crates are mostly for indoor use. However, these also ensure their safety and security by creating adequate room for their privacy. You can have it to keep your pet in one spot until they finish their potty training. Metal, wood, plastic, and polyester can be some structural options. These don’t need special care and maintenance. Little cleaning efforts can be enough. You may want to add a bed for your dog’s comfort.

Things to consider when making a buying decision

Outdoor kennels can be the best choice for oversized dogs or those who love to stay outside. If your canine doesn’t need to use the bathroom frequently, you can keep them in it. They can only enjoy this experience. These structures can also suit dogs lacking socialization skills or being slightly violent when their owners are not home. However, indoor crates can be the option if your pup suffers from separation anxiety.

Larger breeds and outdoor-loving dogs may feel more comfortable inside a kennel made for the outside environment. Make sure the structure you choose has a weather-proof cover on the roof to shield your dog from a shower, direct sunlight, etc. As mentioned earlier, you don’t have to worry about options. The easy-to-install structures come in different dimensions to allow you to find the best fit for your dog’s needs.

Advantages of Outdoor Kennels

Kennels Keep Your Garden Looking Good

Because dogs are often territorial, providing them with their own territory works well with most dogs. Also, this will keep them engaged and prevent them from being malicious and destroying the rest of the garden!

Keeps Your Home Safe from Damage

When left alone or bored, a young dog or one that struggles with separation anxiety may begin to chew or scratch things found about the house. This could involve the occasional roll of toilet paper or the current bestseller you’re reading, but it can get expensive if they target your couch or walls.

Kennels Aid with Toilet Training

If your pet becomes used to living in or being in the dog house, they will eventually start to associate it with the bathroom. As they typically live outside, they will also “do their business” outside and will associate being outside with using the restroom. Your dog should prefer being outside and desire to relieve themselves there if you provide them with a dog kennel that is outside.

Mental Stimulation and Excess Energy

Dogs enjoy being outside! Your dog is less likely to keep you up at 11 o’clock for “playtime” when they are outside, where they use all of their available energy. The most draining activity for a dog is mental, yet a long hike of 20 miles will help to release some of that energy. Regular outdoor activity will stimulate the mind and aid in controlling this. This visual stimulation is made possible by outside kennels, which also help to calm and lessen excess energy.

Kennels Can Help with Training

Purchasing a dog kennel can also assist with dog training. Use an outside dog kennel as a time-out area to control behavior. Instead of treating it as a punishment, teach your dog that being in the kennel means they need to unwind and rest if you want them to like being there.

Safety and Security

For your dog, a kennel serves as their own sleeping quarters and eventually turns into their own space. In essence, it’s a location where they can go to escape from things, where they may then sleep, play, or simply relax in peace and quiet. A kennel also shields your dog from your possessions while keeping them securely hidden from the dog. It is far more difficult for the dog to decide on the spur of the moment to devour your sofa cushions if the dog is in his or her kennel.