The best penis extender helps and benefits you in many ways, both mentally and physically. According to research,over 85% of women would prefer a bigger penis over a small or average one. So, not only can you satisfy your woman physically, but you will also gain confidence and happiness in your remaining life.

There are many ways to enlarge your penis, such as eating pills, having surgery. But there is also a natural way that has no or very few side effects, such as Male Edge Quick Extender Pro, Jes-Extender, SizeGenetics, and Phallosan Forte. These are the best penis extenders in the modern world. An individual can easily rely on them, as they show their results after the usage for about 3 to 6 months.

These five penis extenders are the best because they have their unique ideas, the material used in their products, services to the customer, and benefits.Penis extenders are harmlessdevices that can enlarge your penis, correct curvatures in your penis, and improve erectile function in a period of several months. They use the penile grip method to stretch your penile tissue, which produces more new cell growth.

The recommendation of a doctor is really important before using a penis extender device. Secondly, you should be mentally prepared to use the best penis extender device, so in the end, the results can satisfy you properly.

How to Use the Penis Extender?

Mostly the doctors recommend that you start slowly.Wearing the device for an hour a day during the first week and increasing use week by week as you become more comfortable with the usage of the device on your penis.

How Do The Best Penis ExtendersWork?

  1. Male Edge: It uses the traction method to stretch your penile tissue over several months. Your body begins to produce new tissue cells to accommodate the gentle stretch of the product, which is pain-free and does not create any harmful side effects.
  2. Quick Extender Pro: This product also applies tension to your shaft through the penis traction method.The penis stretcher in this product exerts a continuous stretch to your penis that creates microscopic tears along the shaft, whichyour body heals by creating new cells to fill in the gaps, increasing your member’s total size. The tears occur at a microscopic level, so this enlargement process is painless.
  3. Jes-Extender: It also uses traction to stretch your penis week by week, andeach week, you increase the device’s tension on your shaft by a few hundred grams.It also stimulates your penile blood supply and encourages the production of new tissues, which results in firmer and fuller erections.
  4. SizeGenetics: SizeGenetics extender does not come with a fixed treatment pattern. You can wear the device as often as you like and increase tension to suit your goals. This product uses the traction method of enlargement. It uses a strong tension force—2,800 grams—to stretch your penis tissue. Thisproduct comes with several interchangeable padding options to maximize comfort and security.