The top gifts to give to a little boy

Choosing the perfect gift for your young star can be a daunting task. There are just too many options in the market to choose from, including from boys pyjamas, but getting the right products might need a little experience. If you have ever had a challenge when gifting your kids before, then you are in the right place. Here, you will discover great products that little boys want; ranging from educational and exciting kinds of stuff to the hottest new toys in the market. We have summed up the best ideas for gifting your kids for you to browse through.

These gifts to little kids must be carefully selected. They are more than just toys. Sometimes, these gifts work as a tool which will help your toddler to develop important skills. So when you are out there shopping, consider the options that your child will learn from and also treasure them for years to come.

Sorting and Counting set

These products are made from sustainable wood and vegetable-based finishing. They allow for mixing, matching, stacking, picking up, sorting, and arranging which boosts imaginative playing and also hand and eye coordination, as well as counting and color skills. Additionally, they add to the bursting of beautiful various colors in your boy’s playroom! This sorting and counting set would make the best first birthday gift for your boy.

Stephen Hawking Book

Stephen Hawking was indeed one of the world’s greatest minds. This book serves to inspire and motivate the little ones into thinking big. It is about the life history of the great physicist and author, taking us back when he was just a little boy. It touches on his early life curiosities, and into his biggest discoveries of our universe. It is very informative and would be a great gift to your little one.Ideal reading time is at night, when the he is rocking his boys pyjamas, just before sleeping.

Giant building blocks

Building blocks are important in enhancing small motor coordination. They come in different types of materials. While the classic wooden blocks are durable and long-lasting, they can however be a little heavy for our small boys to lift. The best option would be the mega blocks, which are brightly colored, feather-light in weight, and can be stacked together to build tall towers and other structures. These blocks come with a zipper bag for easy storage and are up to 80 blocks. There is simply no better way of engaging your child’s brain while playing than the use of these wonderful blocks.


These mini drones are super unique and exciting. They are designed with 2 huge wheels, together with four powerful propellers. The best thing about it is: it flies, rolls and spins! It has a small camera attached so you can take pictures or even film as it flies around, allowing your kid to capture beautiful sceneries and view them via Bluetooth. Nothing could ever get better than this!

A garden set

A garden kit is a fun way of teaching your kids various farm work. It introduces the joy of maintaining a farm to children. They are sold together with the right tools needed in planting, growing, and harvesting fresh vegetables and herbs. Some supplies of the kit go the extra mile in customizing the tools based on where you are growing your plants. This kit provides a fun and family activity that the whole family can truly enjoy.

A Model Train Set

Ah, the model train set. A classic toy that’s been on the wish list of almost every child at least once. For good reason. It involves creative thinking, focus, reduces stress AND can spice up the imagination of your child. In addition, it is something that you can do together. Building the Hogwarts Express and a cool mini-city with scale model buildings around it, is something that both you and your child can enjoy together. It’s a wonderful gift that withstands the test of time.

All these toys are essential in both your child’s physical and mental development. By following this simple guide, you are guaranteed fun and mental engagement in your child. Choose wisely and enjoy quality fun-filled time with your boy.