Understand How Fixing Common Garage Door Problems Can Be Easy

Many new homeowners learn early on that garage door maintenance is vital in keeping your home protected, energy-efficient, and more comfortable.

When things go off, it can be stressful, and when something that has gone off is not easy to fix promptly, a simple, inexpensive repair can quickly turn more complicated and costly. Of the parts of the house that need routine maintenance and checks, many homeowners forget about their garage doors.

Garage doors have many moving components, and it is common for some problems to come up now and then. That is why, when a garage door problem happens, it would be helpful to know that your garage door provider knows to fix them.

Troubleshooting a Garage Door Issue

While you should start with as thorough a visual inspection as you can manage, do not forget to listen as well. Clucking, squealing, and grinding sounds can tell you not only where the problem lies but provides you a sign as to what the root cause might be. Some noises may imply more severe issues that you cannot fix yourself and, more significantly, could be dangerous to try. Garage doors are massive and heavy, after all. You do not want one to fall on you or your vehicle.

Garage Door Repairs

Here are the typical garage door issues that a professional garage door technician can fix. Garage door professionals of Family Christian Doors know how to handle this situation. Remember that serious garage door problems require serious answers. If the problem is more noteworthy than expected, do not hesitate to call us, Family Christian Doors. We are your garage door repair in Crowley.

Dead Batteries

The first solutions are usually the simplest. Is your garage door remotely operated? Are the batteries new? If the remote battery is too weak or dead, it will not transmit the needed signal to lift or close your garage door. Try each remote to see which one necessitates new batteries. It also includes any signal transmitters inside your garage or home. Once you have found out the most likely culprit, change the battery and try. Repeat as needed.

Malfunctioning Disconnect Switch

Can you hear the garage door motor working, but the garage door itself is not opening or closing? The problem could be with the disconnect switch, which enables you to lift and close the door during power loss.

If you can still lift the garage door manually, get a stepladder, and try to reattach the hook to the motor. You can consult the owner’s manual to help you find where the hook connects. Examine the garage door. If the issue continues, call a professional immediately.

Misaligned Garage Door Track

Rubbing or grinding noises could imply the garage door has problems with its track. If the garage door stills lift and close, but it sounds and feels rough, you can try realigning the garage door track yourself. Partly unscrew the garage door track from the frame and use a rubber mallet to entice the track carefully back into its place. When one returns to its place, retighten the screws. Do the same on the other side.

Blocked or Misaligned Electronic Eyes

Electronic eyes are along the sides of the garage door and release an invisible beam across your garage entrance. It is a safety feature that signals the garage door to stop opening if it detects an object or person in its path. If it causes your garage door to cease closing even when nothing is blocking the path, there might be some problems with the electronic eye.

Clean the lenses with a streak-free cleaner and soft cloth. If the problem continues, inspect to see if the electronic eyes are aligned. If they are not in the same direction at the same angle, they will not communicate. You can use a level tool to make sure the eyes are aligned and the same height as the ground and pointing at each other.

Reach out for a professional garage door technician when:

  • The garage door cannot lift or close all the way — The garage door may be off its garage door hinges. Given the weight and size of garage doors, trying to repair this yourself could lead to serious injury.
  • A loud bang — It is an indication of a broken garage door spring or cable. It can be complicated repairs, and unprofessional attempts could cause serious injury. Always contact an expert garage door repair service for this.

Time For Professional Garage Door Technician

If you are uncertain about your garage door issues, and these repairs do not do the job for you, call professional repair services. Calling an expert garage door service can sooner or later save you cash, time, and hassle. A well-kept garage door can give peace of mind. Keep up with its annual maintenance and tune-ups, and there is no reason it should not last for many years.