Planning a Pool Party: From Decorations to Outfits

The months are getting warmer, with summer around the corner. Homeowners will open up their backyard pools, enjoying a fun way to beat the summertime heat. This opens up opportunities for pool parties.

There are many aspects to planning a pool party. We’ll focus on a few parts of the planning process today.

Pool Maintenance Tools

When those summer months hit, you want to be able to remove that sliding pool deck cover from your swimming pool and jump right in. You’ve probably been waiting to take a dive in your favorite swim area. In addition to that, your pool area is a perfect place to have parties and get-togethers. As a homeowner, hosting such events allows you to be a gracious host and show off your home a bit. Maybe the area around your swimming pool might even become an entertainment area, replete with a basketball court and dance floor. Having a swimming pool in your backyard is of course a great advantage, as it provides a great way to entertain guests during a party. A  large inflatable float can be placed in the pool and used as a makeshift island for guests to lounge on. Or, you could set up a volleyball net and turn the pool into an unprepared water park. If you want to keep things low-key, simply floats and pool toys can provide hours of fun for your guests. No matter how you choose to use it, your swimming pool will be the hit of the party.

Since your pool will serve so many functions, it helps to maintain it. Make sure to check the electric motor that keeps your ground pool functioning. Research what your maintenance costs might be for hiring a pool repair service and see what personal maintenance you can handle yourself. For your personal backyard pool maintenance duties, invest in tools such as a telescopic pole, vacuum head, vacuum hose, pool filter media, and a pool pump.

The most essential ground pool maintenance tools include your safety pool cover. Before having a pool party, it helps keep your pool covered for safety and cleanliness reasons. A swimming pool cover comes in a variety of types. These include automatic pool covers, deck pool covers, sliding deck pool covers, thermal pool covers, and electric pool covers. These coverings can provide safety from drowning when you’re not using the pool for social gatherings. Pool coverings are an essential tool for maintaining your pool for parties and get-togethers. Make sure to invest in pool maintenance tools to turn your outside pool into an entertainment area.


When you attend any social gathering, you want to dress to impress. The same can be said for attending a pool party. First and foremost, you don’t want to wear everyday wear that you don’t want to get wet. So, this might mean not wearing any online bras that you’re worried about getting doused in water. Find an outfit that is the perfect fit and looks stylish. This can include going with a knotted t-shirt style for tops. Ladies can add a nice pair of shorts or wear a summer dress to complete their ensemble. For men, investing in a simple t-shirt or polo shirt paired with shorts allows a bit of versatility and the right fit.

Women wearing bras under such tops can look into a variety of offerings. This might include a sports bra, underwire bra, t-shirt bra, and strapless bra. Take into account cup size, band size, bra style, and frame size when choosing a bra to wear to a pool party. Visit Q for Quinn for the best linen sets for women that is perfect for your pool party.

For footwear, you can’t go wrong with flip-flops. They are easy to kick off when you’re ready to jump into a pool and go swimming. Also, if your footwear gets doused by pool water, you don’t have to worry about your favorite shoes getting drenched. Flip flops are no-fuss footwear and are excellent everyday wear. Choosing the right outfit can make your pool party a fun social occasion.



After you decide to host a party at your swimming pool, your next step will be choosing decorations. If it’s a themed affair, choose your decorations accordingly. Find those decorations that fit the event, whether it’s a 4th of July celebration or a Memorial Day get-together. If it’s a birthday, or maybe just a get-together for friends or family, make the event as decorative as possible. Decorations are an essential part of any pool party.

These are some of the most essential components for planning a great summer pool party.