DIY Ugly Christmas Sweaters for the Family

We are big fans of movie quotes, so this year we decided to incorporate them into sweaters for a  Annual Ugly Christmas Sweater Party.  Since we like to save money where we can, we made them ourselves.  First we created the images, then printed them onto iron-on paper (which you can get at any craft store), and then simply ironed them onto cotton shirts.

You can wear it just as a shirt, or wear it over a sweater.  If you really want to get crazy, you can sew the sleeves and turtlenecks of sweaters onto the t-shirt.  They cost about $4 each, including buying the cotton shirts, and they’re much more memorable than sweaters I would have picked up at Goodwill.  We hope you like them!

All of the family:

Dad (the words read “What Would Clark Griswold do?”):

Clark Griswald Vacation


DIY Ugly Christmas Sweater

Child 1 (the words have the number of suggested servings of each, and the top left text box says “World’s Best Coffee: Use Sparingly”):

DIY Ugly Christmas Sweater

Child 2:

DIY Ugly Christmas Sweater