New Year’s Resolutions for Families

We have to admit that we as a culture are somewhat New Year’s Resolution junkies. We love the idea of creating a good habit each year. In fact, we started doing monthly resolutions so that we didn’t have to wait until January to implement an idea for a resolution. We heard from some friends they started doing Family Resolutions, so of course, we had to have to check that out. Some of these resolutions are very easy to do and don’t require any planning. You can actually start them right away while others may require some planning and formal discussion. It’s also helpful if the family members together discuss them and agree on doing them so that no one feels as if these resolutions have been imposed on to them. Here are some resolutions that we came up with, feel free to add to them!


  • Give up on fast food
  • Eat vegetables with each dinner
  • Cut out on soda and include more of fresh juices and water
  • Eat at least one meal per day that consists only of real, organic  food
  • Incorporate walk or some form of exercise in our daily routine.
  • Reduce screen time by 20 minutes for children and used this time for some physical activities.


  • The family writes a letter to a person or another family each week
  • Do a random act of kindness each week
  • Open ourselves to the family. Talk about our daily happenings, life problems and stresses with each other. This will help each other know that we are there for them in the times of need and they don’t need to look out for support outside the house.
  • Once every 2 weeks, call our extended family; including our parents, grandparents, uncle and aunts to greet them and listen to them.
  • Practice gratitude in the family and learn to acknowledge the family members for their valuable support, love and contribution.
  • Take family photos, as much as we can and display the best ones of each time around the house. This is a great way to keep the family members bonded.
  • Do a crazy, adventurous thing with the family; could be bungee jumping, rock climbing or even camping.


  • Learn a new word every day
  • Get new books from the library once per month
  • Read the newspaper daily, even if it’s just the headlines
  • Read books together and make time to have book review discussions
  • Instil life skills such as creativity, imagination, communication, team building, critical thinking in our nurturing and education.
  • Involve children in age-appropriate family matters so that they learn to be creative solution makers.


  • Go to church every week
  • Sign up for a faith-based social group such as bible study
  • Read about other religion and find similarities so that we are more empathetic and kind towards other people.


  • Every time a problem is stated, the person must name 3 possible solutions
  • Hold a family meeting each week
  • Recycle materials within the house
  • Save a certain amount of money each week
  • Plan a family vacation, which everyone in the family has to make time for
  • Once in a fortnight, plan a game night with children
  • Try to have one meal of the day together, if not a meal at least evening coffee with no phone or TV. Just the family members talking to each other.
  • Avoid using slang words, internet language and street tone in the house.
  • Divide household chores and do them together, without putting the burden on any one member
  • Instead of replacing old, worn out things, try to fix them or recycle them
  • Try to become fun-loving parents. Instead of being one of those who constantly scolds children and penalizes them for their mistakes, this year we are aiming to learn from them and listen to them by spending more quality time with them.
  • As a family, save money and be part of a community services program to help the needy.

Here’s a little tip; much as you find these resolutions easy to achieve and so simple, you will eventually forget most of them because of your hectic routine and unpredictable daily chores. This doesn’t mean we don’t plan resolutions or stop making goals for life. I found a book by Michael Hyatt, Your Best Year Ever: A 5-Step Plan for Achieving Your Most Important Goals which has been very helpful in making me stay focused on my goals. It’s a good read and will help you design your new year, keeping you motivated and on track. Readout yourself and if you like it, do recommend it to others.

In the meantime, enjoy the New Year. Don’t be too hard on your goals as rules of life. Make them part of your living slowly and that’s how these resolutions will stay in forever.