New Years Resolutions for Families

Family Resolutions

We have to admit that we are somewhat of a New Year’s Resolution junkies. We love the idea of creating a good habit each year. In fact, we started doing monthly resolutions so that we didn’t have to wait until January to implement an idea for a resolution. We heard from some friends they started doing Family Resolutions, so of course we had to had to check that out. Here are some resolutions that we came up with, feel free to add to them!

• Give up fast food
• Eat vegetables with each dinner
• Cut out soda
• Eat at least one meal per day that consists only of real food

• The family writes a letter to a person or another family each week
• Do a random act of kindness each week

• Learn a new word every day
• Get new books from the library once per month

• Go to church every week
• Sign up for a faith-based social group such as bible study

• Every time a problem is stated, the person must name 3 possible solutions
• Hold a family meeting each week
• Recycle
• Save a certain amount of money each week

And there you go – see what ideas you can come up with for your family!