Top Hong Kong Credit Cards this 2022

Hong Kong is one of the most financially active centers globally, thus supporting the development of internationally established financial institutions offering numerous credit card services. However, contrary to searching for a preferable financial service provider, selecting the appropriate credit card to accommodate your spending habits and personal needs is hectic because there is no one-size-fits-all solution. However, MoneySmart credit card options allow you to ask the right questions and investigate reliable credit card offers for efficient utility. Therefore, the following is a list of the top Hong Kong credit cards this 2022.

Standard Chartered Smart Card

The Standard Chartered Smart Card is one of the most reliable credit card solutions by Standard Chartered Bank. The card does not have any registration or minimum spending limits, thus allowing you to cater to all your needs throughout. Similarly, it does not have foreign exchange fees, hidden fees, or annual fees, ensuring that you do not lose your money at any stage of the process. Moreover, it offers 5% cash-back on eligible transactions, 3-month interest-free installments, supports online shopping, wireless payments, and allows you to earn up to 15% rewards when you spend money at Expedia Hong Kong and 5% cash-back on payments made at Staycation. However, you should be a new bank card holder and earn a minimum of HK$ 96,000 annually to apply and enjoy these benefits.

 WeWa UnionPay Card

The WeWa UnionPay Credit card is a solution that does not require any minimum annual salary for application eligibility. The WeWa UnionPay credit card is reliable because it offers cash backs of up to 4% of your payment for selected transactions. Moreover, it is versatile and offers the lowest threshold for an individual applying for the card. Therefore, it can help you save a lot of money if you occasionally spend on cinema, theme parks, karaoke, and traveling. Moreover, you can earn up to 10% cash-back on hotel bookings and accommodation in Hong Kong. Additionally, the organization runs several promotions on selected events and purchases, allowing you to get the maximum value from offers. On that account, it is a reliable credit card if entertainment characterizes your lifestyle.

 EarnMORE UnionPay Card

The EarnMORE UnionPay credit card is also one of the top-rated MoneySmart credit cards because of its exclusive privileges. For example, its service providers do not require any annual minimum salary, and it has no minimum spending limits. Moreover, the option offers 2% cash-back on all local spending, allowing you to save on every purchase using the card. Moreover, you can get up to HK$90,000 handling-free and interest-free cash installment programs, allowing you to manage your finances better and settle your debts when convenient. Similarly, EarnMORE UnionPay features promotions that maximize user benefits. For example, all new cardholders receive a welcome offer of HK$670, a Hyundai Air Purifier, or a Philips Instant-Heating Water Dispenser. However, there are several other promotions to look out for to enhance its utility. Nonetheless, only first-time cardholders are eligible for application.

 DBS Black World MasterCard

The DBS Black World Credit Card also makes it to our list because it is a popular and preferable credit card for travelers and individuals who process overseas transactions. The DBS Black World Card issues its customers with 3X reward points for every overseas transaction in BDS miles. 1 DBS mile is equivalent to HK$ 4. You can redeem these points with no conversion fees as AsiaMiles, KrisFlyer, Avios, and other options. Similarly, using the card entitles you to a range of travel offers and promotions on popular sites like Klook and Agoda. Moreover, you will receive up to 50,000 DBS miles upon successful application and a $300 reward as a welcome gift. The DBS credit card is also reliable in entertainment expenses as it provides up to 10% discount on selected platforms like Broadway. Therefore, it can cater to several financial obligations when traveling.

DBS Black World MasterCard

Despite the cards above making it to the top list, several other credit card solutions, including American Express Explorer™ Credit Card, Citi Rewards MasterCard, DBS LIVE FRESH, Citi Cash Back Credit Card, and many more, provide services tailored to your preferences. All you have to do is consult with MoneySmart and obtain information about the best MoneySmart Credit Cards for 2022 to allow you to maximize benefits from your purchases and experience added convenience.