Tips for Carpet Care

Carpets are a significant investment in homes. They protect the subfloor beneath, and as well as add color, comfort, and warmth to a room. They are also very useful during the winter season because they provide a barrier between your bare feet and the cold floor. They really do lots of jobs in our homes but they are not cheap to replace when they become worn out.

Therefore, maintaining your carpet’s cleanliness and beauty is a must if you want to keep it in shape for a longer period of time. If you’ve just recently bought a carpet for your home and you’d like to know how to take good care of it, then you’re in the right place. Today, we are giving some useful tips for carpet care.

Vacuum Your Carpets Correctly 

The best way to maximize the life of your carpet and delay the heavy cost of replacement is by cleaning it. For carpets that are in the entrance or high-traffic areas, you should vacuum them at least twice a week, then the rest of the carpeting should be vacuumed at least once a week. But this depends on your activity at home.

To get the best results, you need to set the height right. When vacuuming carpets, raise your vacuum to its highest setting, turn it on, and then lower it until you can feel the vacuum trying to tug itself forward. It’s also important to start with a clean filter because a dirty one can reduce the cleaning power of your vacuum. Make a quick pass over low-traffic areas, and then two slow passes over high-traffic areas.

Use the Right Carpet Pad

Carpet pads are helpful when it comes to protecting and extending the life of your carpet. However, using the wrong carpet pad can cut the life of your carpet in half. To be able to get the right carpet pad, try to know its density and not its thickness. Pick one that has a density or weight rating of at least 6 lbs., and it should be 3/8 to ½ inches thick. For high traffic areas, you can choose a carpet pad that is thinner and has a density of 8 lbs. or more. Remember that using cheap and low-density carpet pad will only last a few years before it should be replaced.

Fix Carpet Runs

Carpets tend to have running snags, especially with woven loops. If ever you notice one on your carpet, it’s important to fix it immediately to prevent it from getting bigger. You can actually fix it just by using some carpet adhesive, tape, scissors, and a small screwdriver.

To fix carpet runs, gently tug the loose yarn to find the point where it is still attached firmly to the backing. Once you find it, snip it off as close to the backing as possible. Protect the other parts by using tape, and then, apply a bead of carpet adhesive to the run. After that, use the screwdriver to press each scab into the adhesive.

Clean Up Spills Immediately

In case you spilled something on your carpet or if your pet has an accident on it, you need to act fast in cleaning it. It’s because certain liquids and as well as urine can damage the fibers of your carpet and even change its color.

It’s easy to clean spills on carpets. First, you need to soak up the liquid with white paper towels. And then, add some dishwashing liquid to a cup of lukewarm water. Apply it to the affected area and soak it again thoroughly with paper towels. Then, follow up with clean water to rinse out the soap and then blot it dry again.

For pet accidents, you can apply one-part white vinegar with two parts of water on the affected area and then blot the carpet dry one last time. After that, cover the damp area with layers of paper towels and a heavy stack of books. Do this over again until it no longer absorbs moisture.

Place a Coarse Doormat Outside Your Door

If your whole house is carpeted, it’s important to keep a doormat outside the door when you can remove soil and dirt from your shoes and feet before entering the house. Did you know that 85% of the dirt in a home is carried in on shoes? That is bad news for carpeted floors, but you can prevent your carpet from getting stepped on by dirty shoes by placing a coarse doormat outside your door. Aside from that, it can also encourage visitors to take off their shoes when going inside your house.

Avoid the Use of Carpet Powder Products

Carpet powders are used to eliminate odor in your carpet, but they can leave traces of residue especially when overused. It can leave a white, and sometimes sticky film on top of your carpet. If you wish to use carpet power, use it carefully to avoid overuse.

Get Your Carpet Cleaned by a Professional Regularly


One of the best ways to take good care of your carpet is to get it cleaned by a professional on a regular basis. Some people don’t do this and instead, they wait for their carpets to look dirty before they call a professional carpet cleaner. It’s not really great to wait for signs of dirt and damage on your carpet before you call a professional because it means that the damage is already done.

Based on carpet manufacturers, carpets need professional cleaning and stain protection treatment every 6 to 12 months, even if the carpet still looks clean. It’s because regular maintenance will keep your carpet from dulling and crashing. And stain protecting them will make spills easier to clean.

These are some of the best carpet care tips we can give. By following these tips, you will be able to ensure that your carpets at home will last long.