The Starter Checklist for First-Time Mothers

Birthing a baby can be overwhelming, especially for first-time mothers. Parents have to go through sleepless nights, incessant crying, and constant breastfeeding, which is why it is essential to prepare.

For starters, it’s best that all the items on the list are non-toxic baby products. Newborn babies are susceptible to infection, as such, always be careful with buying products.

Here are several items that you must prepare before popping a baby out.

For the Baby

Diapers and a diaper bag

Babies will cost you hundreds of diapers per year. To avoid having to carry these diapers in their plastic containers, you can purchase a cute diaper bag that can also carry other baby essentials.

Baby Swaddle wraps to calm the baby

The ancient technique swaddling not only helps babies calm down during crying fits, but it also protects them from danger. Swaddle wraps mimic the calming effect of a mother’s hug, and it also helps babies avoid tugging on their hair and blankets.

Bassinets or cradles to help the baby sleep

Babies usually like to be cradled under soft arms so that they can fall asleep. At some point, both parents will get tired of carrying the baby, which is why bassinets or cradles are highly valuable.

They are perfect for newborns and babies up to 3 months old. The bassinet is soft enough for the baby’s sensitive skin, while cradles have an additional rocking movement to help put the baby to sleep.

For the Mother

Breast pumps to save milk

Direct breastfeeding is generally preferred. However, most mothers experience a certain heaviness and discomfort in their breasts, a phenomenon scientifically called engorgement.

This condition leaves the breast full and hard that can cause damages to the cell, which is why nursing mothers need a breast pump. It is always the best choice to prepare a breast pump in case the mother may experience this. As mentioned, make sure to use non-toxic baby products, including breast pumps.

Nursing pillow to keep the baby close

Once the baby is born, they are incredibly clingy to their mothers in the first few months. In case bassinets and cradles fail to put the baby to sleep, a napping pillow comes into play to help both the mother and the baby. The mother can keep her baby close without having to carry her all the time.

Back support to avoid pain

Parental back pains are a severe condition within the parenting community. Mothers, in particular, have to feed their newborns almost every hour of the day, which can lead to back pains.

To lessen the burden of the mother, prepare a back-support system so that the baby can be comfortably fed without the mother experiencing back pains.

Prenatal vitamins

Although it is intended before giving birth, a sudden stop in the supply of these vitamins may be detrimental to a mother’s health. As such, doctors recommend taking prenatal vitamins for six weeks more at a decreasing rate to recover.

The first few months of the baby are critical, as it is the period where she starts gathering nutrition and where the maternal bond is highly needed. As such, make sure that you have all these items before meeting your offspring.