The Efficient Use of Event Photo Booths – Ideas, Tips, and Tricks

A photo holds a large amount of meaning attached to it that makes it special. Event organizers all over the world are using event photo booths to leverage this excitement to engage a wider audience. Photos are something we click on when we are stimulated by an event that excites them.

The social gatherings that occur at events, especially, are the best places to take pictures. People’s love of clicking photos is being tapped into by the Photo Booth Hire team with installations of photo booths. Unlike traditional photo booths, these new photo booths come with props, cameras, gadgets and much more.

Photo booths at events

Corporate seminars, weddings, conferences, trade shows, and conventions have all adopted photo booths to provide their delegates with fun, frolic, and creative elements, which add to the excitement, engagement, and general enjoyment of any event.

By providing the audience with a memorable experience through these creative and interactive photo booths, they leave a lasting impression. The advancement of technology and digital has allowed you to add social sharing and engagement to the photo booth experience. Through their photos, gifs, and short videos, attendees of these experiential marketing events can share their experiences over social media.

How to design a great photo booth – Tips and Tricks

In addition to the successful use of photo booths, it is important to select a design that is in keeping with the event and agenda. However, it must be attractive, interactive, and creative, so it can be either professional or DIY.

Depending on your event theme and audience, you need to determine your photo booth needs. Here are some aspects you will want to consider when looking at the following example.

Professional or DIY?

It is necessary to consider the key differences between professional and DIY booth setups when designing the best one.

In comparison, professional booths are more expensive and easier to set up but can also be outsourced, while DIY booths require more time, effort and technical expertise although they are cheaper.

Below are a few ideas for setting up and designing the most effective photo booth for your event, which can have the biggest impact on engaging and exposing your guests.

Let’s get started.

#1 Personalization

As part of personalization, you also need to provide the audience, props, and accessories that have a theme and social media appeal. For example, you can provide hashtag stickers, wigs, masks, costumes, sunglasses, and many other objects. Be sure that the props are interesting and shareable, but not destructive.

Props and accessories customized for the event would help gain greater exposure, as they may act as a tag or brand plug when attendees upload photos from the photo booth.

#2 Make Moments Social

While the event is already gaining exposure offline, it may be tedious and challenging to gain attention for the event over online platforms, especially social media. As such, encouraging event attendees to share their photos over social media may be an effective strategy for exposing your event to a broader audience.

Having the ability to display photos from your photo booth on the internet and share them on social media in real-time can also make the process more convenient and user-friendly.

#3 Display A Real-Time Interactive Social Wall

A social wall is a clever tool that shows content from social media on a digital screen using hashtags, mentions, and much more. The photo booth and social media wall display can be connected, allowing for the real-time display of the images, gifs, and videos that guests in the photo booth have taken on the social wall.

In fact, it’s a terrific idea to build up a live photo set up next to your photo booth using a Social Wall. It enables you to show social media posts of people interacting with your photo booth.  Users are encouraged to post their photo booth pictures online by doing this. You may also encourage people to use the hashtag you created for your event when posting pictures to social media.

#4 Strategic Placement

If you don’t put the photo booth in a busy, congested, and inconvenient location, all your design and setup work could be for nothing. However, that does not entail blocking the entrance by positioning it in the middle of it. 

The location of the photo booth must be carefully considered in order to make it both necessary and profitable. As a result, the booth will draw an increasing number of visitors, increasing interaction and event publicity. Additional adjustments, such as using volunteers, music, rewards, etc., can be made to re-direct and divert the unresponsive audience to the booth.


The use of photo booths at your events has led to excellent results, and the incorporation of social media, technology, and real-time updates has only served to stoke the fire. For the audience, photo booths are a source of enjoyment, companionship, relaxation, sharing, and special memories. Event photo booths are a huge hit because they offer promotion opportunities, a wide audience reach, and exposure to the event in both the online and offline spheres. They also have a high level of audience attraction, engagement, and social sharing.