6 Reasons to Start Wearing Perfume

For some of us, perfume is a luxury item. It may be something you only dawn for a night out or a special occasion. If you are not a daily perfume wearer, you may not realize the positive effects cruelty free perfume can have on a person. Scents are a powerful thing. They can improve mood, boost confidence and even invoke memories. So it just makes sense that wearing one of your favorite sweet perfumes can have a positive  influence on you. Keep reading to learn the six benefits of wearing perfume.

1. Boost Your Mood

Scents have not only an effect on your memories, but also on your emotions. For example, a scent like lavender has been shown to help calm anxiety and can even improve the quality of sleep. Or a scent like peppermint has been proven to help increase alertness. This works on a personal level as well. If you find a perfume that you associate with a happy or positive time in your life, you can experience a boost in your mood. For example, if you grew up by the beach then a perfume with a fresh ocean scent may invoke positive memories.

2. Increased Confidence

Did you know that confidence is often what people are the most attracted to? Confidence even trumps physical appearance when it comes to what we find attractive. So if you can increase your confidence, then people will naturally find you more attractive. And fortunately for us, wearing perfume is a great way to increase your confidence (and therefore your attractiveness). The right scent can help you walk into a room with confidence, leaving no room for self-doubt. This can be especially helpful in the workplace. Put on your favorite scent before giving a presentation or walking into a meeting to help your performance.

3. Improves Concentration

If you did standardized testing in school, you may remember being given peppermints to help keep you focused. As we mentioned earlier, increased alertness and improved concentration can occur when you are wearing a designer perfume purchased from matchfragrances.co.uk. If you have a big test to take or an essay to write, a perfume with peppermint or citrus notes can be a good choice for improving concentration. Anything bright and fresh would help you feel more awake and alert during times when you need to focus.

4. Aromatherapy

In addition to scents improving concentration, we also mentioned briefly that scents can help calm anxiety. Scents like rosemary, lavender or jasmine are known to have a calming effect when inhaled. If you are someone who gets anxious throughout the day, you should seek out a perfume that includes these scents. Apply it behind your neck and on your wrists so you can catch the scent throughout the day to help keep you balanced.

5. Makes a Good Impression

We know at this point that most first impressions are not made by the words you exchange but rather your appearance and body language. We pick up on these things much quicker when meeting someone new as it can be far more indicative of who the person actually is. Your scent is something that people will notice right away, for better or worse. And studies have even shown that people who wear perfume appear more competent than those who do not. You can take advantage of this by applying your favorite scent before you leave the house each morning.

If you know you are going to be meeting someone for the first time, consider the type of interaction. If you are going on a first date, a more sensual scent with musk or vanilla notes will help set the mood. Or if you are going to a job interview, a fresh and crisp scent can help you put your best foot forward. Now that’s a good way to make a first impression.

6. Make Your Mark

Having a signature scent is something that can help you leave your mark. Your signature scent is something that is distinctly you and is instantly recognizable by anyone you spend time with. It should be a scent that makes you feel confident and empowered. Once you find this scent it will become your daily perfume. Then anyone who catches a whiff of the scent will instantly think of you. And that’s how you leave a lasting impression.

Don’t Forget the Perfume!

Your perfume is an extension of who you are. Much like a handbag or a necklace, perfume is a way to accessorize yourself but in a way that invokes a different sense. With all the powerful effects scent can have on a person it makes sense to spritz yourself daily with your favorite scent. And don’t be afraid to touch up during the day to ensure the effects last you all day long.