How to Plan for a Vacation on a Tight Budget

Many articles have been written on travel but few have offered easy and practical tips on traveling on a tight…

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Best Things to Do in Kenya

For many people, Kenya is the original safari destination, and it is still one of the best places to visit…

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How Can I Unplug and Disconnect From My Smartphone While on Vacation?

Are you getting ready to go on vacation soon? Vacations can be such great family bonding time.  Here are some…

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Planning a Family Trip to San Antonio Texas

Vacations are a wonderful time to spend with your family. Therefore, you also need to choose a destination that will…

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5 Family-Friendly Places to Visit in Thailand on Your Next Vacation

Thailand is a beautiful country in Southeast Asia that’s home to about 70 million people. At about 198,000 square miles,…

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Traveling with Kids

My daughter flew twenty-six times, including internationally, before she turned three years old – true story.  We don’t plan on…

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