Creatinga Slideshow with Family Pictures to Give as Gifts

A man and woman presumably looking at some pictures on a camera while the woman is holding an SD memory card

Keeping images and videos of significant events in your family is one of the smartest things you can do, and definitely one you will thank yourself later for. But once you have amassed a sizeable collection, what do you do with it? Sure, it’s great and all that you’ve got a million … Read more

Lullabies to Help Babies Get to Sleep

An image of a white crib.

Getting a newborn child to get to sleep can be quite challenging and tiring, especially for newer and inexperienced parents. Everything about looking after a baby is challenge frankly speaking, but helping them fall asleep is especially important not just because it means the baby will be refreshed and less cranky the … Read more

5 Tips for Helping Your Kids with Homework

5 Tips for Helping Your Kids with Homework

Children always look at us for inspiration. For them, adults have all the solution to their problems which is why they look up to us for help. As adults, we understand better because we have the basic idea of how it is to be a kid. The true test is when you … Read more