Best HVAC Repair Services: When to Ask for Their Help

HVAC systems are some of the most important systems in the house. We use these systems nearly every day of the year, whether it’s for warming up water for the jacuzzi after a chilly night or watching a movie in the comfort of a cooled room in the middle of summer. We use them to control them to ensure comfort on every level of our house at all times of the day.

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As such, when it comes to heating or cooling, as the size of the house increases, the more the HVAC system needs to work. This naturally leads to the systems showing signs of wear and tear, especially if it isn’t being properly maintained. And, of course, the proper AC installation matters a lot if you want the cooling system of your house to last. That is why it is a must that you contact the expert provider of ac installation San Diego to ensure that your aircon is properly installed following the highest standards. When these signs do show up, it’s important to take steps to repair them and prevent them from happening again. While some repairs and maintenance can seem easy at first, calling a professional can make sure that the job is done well to ensure your system’s peak efficiency.

This article shows you when to call a technician or HVAC specialist to your home and why you might need AC repair in Phoenix or other cities with hot climates.

Air Conditioning system on the street

When’s the best time to call an HVAC technician

On occasion, you might be curious on whether it’s necessary to call a technician in. Sometimes, a specific type of HVAC system looks to be quite easy to install yourself, and there are even a few models that are designed for homeowners to do just that. If you or another family member happens to know how to work with tools, something like changing your air filters or maintaining the thermostat is an easy feat. Even patching and replacing the ducts might be a quick fix with the right materials.

However, it is best to call CW Service Pros, an HVAC company, to have your HVAC system’s inner workings checked regularly or when you need a new, more complex system installed. When dealing with an air conditioner or furnace’s important parts, the slightest mistake can damage the entire system and stop it from working. Many HVAC professionals are trained to be able to replace the more delicate parts of the systems and can fix any problems without greatly interfering with your home as well. You can also check out ALP Heating for more great options.

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What services to look for

When it comes to hiring a HVAC specialist, you’ll need to know what needs to be done. Each individual contractor has special training in a certain field, with some knowing the ins and outs of heating and cooling in a residential area while others might specifically know the mechanical functions and repairs for cooling units in commercial districts. Knowing what you need repaired or checked not only helps you narrow down what type of HVAC technician to call and helps you look up the right services provided by companies in your area.

Regular maintenance

Calling in a technician for regular maintenance is one of the most recommended things to do when it comes to your HVAC system. Most good companies will offer maintenance work and point out any issues that may later worsen if not fixed. A technician will go through several tasks if you aren’t sure how to do it yourself, like checking that your thermostat works as it should. They’ll check your system’s pipes and ducts for any leaks, clean out any slime or debris, and ensure that any connected circuits are operating properly. HVAC technicians are also the only ones that have the training to check your refrigerant levels and refill them if the levels are low.


If you’re looking into upgrading an old system to a newer system or model, you need to find a technician that specializes in it. Their training makes sure that the installation is done efficiently, all while making sure that the type of system is good for your house and its location. Once the system is installed, the technician will also make sure that it runs as it should and is properly sized so as to not cause any future problems.


If the system or one of its parts breaks, you’re likely going to need to call a technician to repair or replace the parts. They’re more than willing to do a repair job, but due to the fact that repairs are often needed urgently and sometimes at odd hours of the day, the cost tends to be much higher. On top of that, if a technician finds a part of the system that needs repair, odds are that they don’t have the necessary parts on hand and will need to set up another time to fix the issue.

However, calling a technician when you do need repairs is more than likely going to be worth it. While the cost may be higher than doing the repairs yourself, a good technician’s training ensures that no matter the complexity, the repairs that they do to your system are done properly with as few mistakes as possible.

To give you a proper heads-up, here are the tell-tale signs when to call an HVAC repair service!

1. Your HVAC System Won’t Turn On

One of the most obvious red flags that it’s time to contact an HVAC repair company is when your system is not turning on after adjusting the thermostat. For instance, if you set it to “cool” and it doesn’t work, you’ll need a professional to look at your system.

Before calling, just make sure that you’ve checked the circuit breaker to ensure the circuit isn’t tripped, which will prevent it from running, or that the thermostat is set to your desired setting. If both are good and the system still doesn’t kick on, you must contact your HVAC repair company.

2. Very Little Air to No Air Coming From The Vents

If your HVAC system is having difficulties pushing air out, it’s another easy sign you need to call HVAC repair. That can be frustrating, especially during the peak of the summer, but your system only produces a little bit of cold air, insufficient to cool your home. Fortunately, this issue is often simple and may only require replacing specific parts or cleaning ducts. Still, you’ll never know if the problem is more complex without thoroughly looking at the unit itself, so it’s best to have a repair service tech handle it for you.

3. Your HVAC System is Blowing Hot Air

Somewhat related to the issue above but a separate problem. Your HVAC unit does blow air. However, it’s spewing hot air instead of cold. It could be caused by dirty evaporator coils, a refrigerant leak, or problems with the thermostat, ventilation dampers, and ducts. Whatever the culprit is, make sure to call an HVAC repair service as soon as possible!

An HVAC repair technician can help diagnose the issue, figure out the best course of action, and ensure that your system is working properly and efficiently, keeping your home comfy for you and your family.

4. Loud or Unusual Noises

Imagine sleeping deeply in the middle of the night, only to be awakened by a loud pop, or clacking, banging, and buzzing noises. Don’t look for a ghostbuster, as it’s not caused by a supernatural being but brought by your HVAC system instead, signaling that it’s in huge trouble.

If you’re any grinding or scraping noise from the unit, it can mean that some parts may be out of place. If there are scurrying, flapping, or buzzing sounds instead, then pests could be in your ductwork. Rattling sounds could indicate a loose or stuck part, while squealing noises imply that your HVAC system needs a new fan belt or replacement bearings.

Remember that your unit should be relatively quiet when operating, so never ignore any loud, strange noises you hear. Have the professional check your system and let them pinpoint the problem and fix the issue before your system suffers from any damage that can be more expensive.

5. Your Unit is Turning On and Off

If you notice that your HVAC system is turning on and off randomly or in short intervals, it may signal that there’s an issue with the control system or what technicians regard as “short-cycling.” This irregular pattern can be due to a bad capacitor, electrical problems, low refrigerant levels, thermostat issues, or a dirty or clogged filter. Your HVAC system won’t stop short-cycling until the problem is addressed and fixed, something a repair service professional would be happy to do for you.

Image of a Thermostat on the wall

6. Defective Thermostat

The thermostat is the heart of your HVAC system, controlling how your home is cooled and heated by your unit. If it doesn’t work, then expect numerous problems, affecting the comfort and energy costs in your home. If there’s an issue with your thermostat, you may first try to turn it off and then on again after several minutes. If that doesn’t do the trick, seek help from an HVAC repair company to have your thermostat and system checked.

7. Outside Fan is Not Working

Fans outside the HVAC system normally spin. If you notice that they stopped moving, call an HVAC repair company right away. It can be due to a bad fan motor, problems with the electrical source, or debris preventing the blades from rotating.

Be wary that your unit can overheat and fail due to a broken or defective fan. It can then lead to no cooling, higher levels of humidity in your home, and poor air quality, which can create an uncomfortable environment for you and your family.

8. Ice Build-Up

Ice build-up can be due to various problems, such as low refrigerant levels, insufficient airflow, a damaged evaporator coil, or a clogged filter. If left unchecked, the ice will overwork the compressor, leading to faster wear-and-tear of the unit and eventual failure. If you notice any frost build-up, turn the system off and let it defrost. Then, reach out to an HVAC professional to get immediate help, as this is an issue that won’t resolve itself. That way, you can avoid excessive repair costs and the need to have a new system installed.

9. Leakage

Another tell-tale sign that you need HVAC repair service is if you notice any water or refrigerant leak from the system. Such leaks could mean that the condensate drain pan is full or that the condensate pump itself has failed. Be mindful that refrigerant leaks will prevent the system from cooling your home effectively, not to mention that it can also harm your health and the environment. As such, it’s vital to have your AC serviced by the experts as soon as possible.

10. Strange Smells

Strange odors coming from your HVAC system could also mean that there’s a problem. If you smell something very stale or musty, this can indicate mold inside the unit, which requires cleaning. If you smell something sharp, burnt, and metallic, it can imply there’s loose or faulty wiring. To ensure your safety, turn off your system when encountering any of these smells and call a professional immediately.

11. A Spike in Your Electricity Bills

If you see an unexpected, large spike in your electricity bill or if you notice that it is steadily rising, you can attribute that to your HVAC system. Higher electricity usage may mean it uses more energy than it normally uses to cool your home. Things that can hold back your HVAC system’s efficiency include a defective thermostat, clogged air filters, or a refrigerant leak. If left unfixed, they could end up not only paying extra on your electricity bill but also completely damaging your unit.

12. Old Age

Though you can do many things to extend the lifespan of your HVAC system, remember that they have to operate constantly to keep your home comfy and work double-time during the summer to keep you cool. Thus, they wear out and only have a limited lifespan.

Typically, a well-maintained HVAC system can last up to 15 years. However, if yours is already older than 10 years, you already need to partner with an HVAC professional for proper maintenance and ensure that you get the most out of your system. An HVAC expert can also help you determine if it’s already time to shop for a replacement that can function more effectively and efficiently.

How to find a good technician

When looking for a technician or an HVAC company, simply looking it up on the Internet shouldn’t be the only step you take. Be sure to ask your neighbors, your family and friends, or anyone you know who lives nearby, as word of mouth is a power tool to make connections and network. Using all the resources and connections you have on hand can help you find good and reliable contractors to repair or maintain your HVAC system.

Once you’ve gotten one or a few good recommendations, take what you have to the Internet. Knowing what HVAC service narrows down the companies and technicians while also giving you an idea of what their customers liked or disliked about the service. Much like with other companies, word of mouth can greatly influence your choice.


An important step in hiring a HVAC company or technician is knowing what you’re looking to get done. While you may not have the time to do in depth research into a company’s reviews when you need an urgent fix to your air conditioner, a quick search into the best HVAC repair services can make a big impact on both your comfort and your wallet.