21 Awesome Non-Salad Veggie Recipes

We consider our selves pretty health-conscious people, but we have a difficult time trying to eat our veggies.  We know we need them; we make our kids eat them; but even so they are just not a part of our daily diet. Perhaps after years of trying to enjoy salads you have finally decided no matter the type, combination or dressing they just aren’t for you.  We have a few ideas

Healthy Eating Tips

Healthy Eating Made Easy

Ever year it seems to happen… you make those New Year’s Resolutions to eat healthy start to go by the wayside.  We like to write about different ways to make life easier, so here are a few tips to keep heading in the right direction. Healthy eating is difficult at first, but trust us, it gets easier.  Once you get into good habits and


My 5 Rules for Healthy Eating

We are completely addicted to reading all non-fiction and how-to books, but our biggest vice is books on health and nutrition.  Secretly, we sometimes even listen to health podcasts during work.  This post might seem out of place seeing as we often blog about simplifying life, but here’s the logic: eating healthy can made life easier in ways we can’t begin to describe.  It gives you tons