Healthy Eating Made Easy

Every year it seems to happen… you make those New Year’s Resolutions to eat healthy start to go by the wayside.  We like to write about different ways to make life easier, so here are a few tips to keep heading in the right direction.

Healthy eating is difficult at first, but trust us, it gets easier.  Once you get into good habits and overcome your junk food cravings, you’ll eat healthy without even thinking about it.  For now, embrace the fact that it’s difficult.  There’s a quote in A League of Their Own that sums it up perfectly:

It’s supposed to be hard.  If it wasn’t hard everybody would do it.  The hard is what makes it great.

We are not going to post about specific diet plans, or give advice on what you should or should not eat.  If you’d like that information, there is certainly no shortage of blogs, books and magazine articles on the topic.  We can barely get through a day without being bombarded with messages about the latest “super food” or the so-called long-lost diet secret.

Instead, we are just going to help you make a healthy eating plan, whichever one it is that works best for you, as easy as possible to maintain.  Also, we would like to commend everyone who has made a resolution to start eating healthy.  If you’ve slipped up a few times, it’s okay, it happens to everyone.  Keep with it! You can check out this cookbook to get started.

One last thing: We will write another post soon on keeping exercise-related New Year’s Resolutions, but until then, you can find some information about making exercise easy on this post.

  • Plan all of your meals and snacks.  The trick is to find a meal planning strategy that works best for you. One way is to rotate meals. If you know how to cook ten meals, cook those ten meals in a cycle until you’re ready to try something new. Or, you can designate a meal type to the day: Mondays are healthy casseroles, Tuesdays are a slow cooker meal, and so on. Finally, you can create a monthly plan. For instance, the first Monday of the month is salmon; the second Monday of the month is zucchini lasagna.  You can find a meal planning printable template at the end of this post that you can customize for the meals and snacks that you’d like to use.  Here are some other great meal planning tools:
  • The Ziplist app and website: You can upload your own recipes or look through the ones that are posted, create a recipe box (which automatically creates a grocery list for you), and plan your meals.
  •  Get crafty with your meal planning!  You can look up a lot of crafty ways to plan and display your meals.  My favorite tips and plan are at iHeartOrganizing: Hungry for Some Meal Planning
  • Make healthy eating a lifestyle and hobby.  Go on health websites and blogs (add your name to their e-mail listservs), listen to podcasts, subscribe to magazines, follow sites on Facebook and Twitter, use text services, watch health movies and TV shows, download apps, and make a health site your computer home page.  We highly recommend the following health websites and blogs: Fit-Bottomed Girls ( and This Mama Cooks (
  • Learn how to make healthy recipes that you love.  A healthy lifestyle is not about eliminating habits, it’s about replacing habits.  The websites we have listed above have a lot of great, healthy recipes.  Once you find a number of healthy meals that you enjoy, you will no longer feel deprived.  This will also make meal planning much easier.
  • Inevitably, at some point, you’re going to start craving junk food.  Whatever your weakness, eventually it will find you.  Have a game plan for what to do when this happens.  Here are a few things that work for me: do a quick intense cardio workout (who can eat junk food after a workout?), eat a meal that is both filling and healthy (you usually only crave junk food when you’re hungry), or eat some very spicy food (this always curbs my appetite).
  • Keep healthy snacks on hand all the time.  Usually, healthy eating is sabotaged when you get hungry and reach for the quickest food you can find.  This is when you pick up a candy bar from a vending machine or stop and grab some fast food.  Keep healthy snacks on hand in your car and in your office.  Some of my staples are almonds, healthy trail mix, kale chips, or pomegranate seeds.
  • Keep a list of quick healthy food to make.  Most healthy food is not food that you can just grab from your pantry, so you’ll need to keep items on hand at your house for quick, healthy snacks.  Some ideas include a veggie omelet, tuna salad, or yogurt.
  • Create a non-food reward system for yourself.  For instance, once you’ve eaten healthy every day for 2 weeks, you can treat yourself to some new clothes or a manicure.  Or, you can set a goal for how many days in a row you will eat well, put that many marbles in a jar, and keep an empty jar next to it.  At the end of every day, if you’ve eaten healthy, you can move a marble from the “days I will eat healthy” jar to the “days I have eaten healthy” jar.  We don’t recommend basing rewards on pounds lost or clothing size because it’s too easy to get frustrated.  The days that you eat healthily are completely in your control, and it will make you proud of yourself when you meet this goal.  Also consider adding into the mix options for foods that burn fat.
  • Leave health reminders and messages around your house.  You can find a picture in a magazine that you would love to buy when you’re at your desired size and post it on your dresser.  Or you can post a motivational quote on your refrigerator.
  • Get support.  Let your friends and family know about your lifestyle change, and ask them to support your healthy choices.  Try to find another person who is trying to start eating healthy.  You can not only use her for support, but you can also share ideas and success stories.
  • Look into joining a food coop in which you can buy healthy, organic food at wholesale prices (see find one in your area).  We absolutely love my food coop.  Not only do we save a lot of money, but we have gotten to know other health-oriented people who inspire one to eat nutritious food.  If we see a woman who is older than us but looks fabulous, we hound them about their secrets (which are often related to nutrition).  We also frequently swap recipes and sometimes even go hiking together.  A good “food coop” can truly become a large and important part of your life and goals to eat healthily.
  • Try to replace your cheap food oil with something more natural and healthy such as olive oil. Believe it or not, but oil plays a really important role in your healthy eating.

We hope this has been helpful for you in sticking with your plan to eat healthily.  Good luck with your change (or maintenance) in this great lifestyle choice!

Meal Planning Printables:

Meal Planning Printable, in Word for customizing: Meal Plan – Word
Meal Planning Printable, in pdf: Meal Plan – pdf