8 Fun Ways to Host a Birthday Party in Dubai

Dubai Birthday

If you’re thinking of celebrating your birthday in Dubai, there are countless ways to do so to make sure you and your friends will have the best time of your life. You can spend it on the beach, enjoy a night out at one of the best clubs, experience an animal encounter, … Read more

Tips On How To Plan For A Kid’s Birthday Party

Planning a kids birthday doesn’t need to be hectic because there are several ways to do it the easier way. Planning for a party only needs your time and a budget and within time you will have figured out how the whole party should be like. Parents tend to think that they … Read more

Dr. Seuss Party

Dr. Seuss Party

Most all young kids love Dr. Seuss books, so this year why not consider a Dr. Seuss theme for their birthday!  These ideas could also be used in classrooms for Dr. Seuss’ birthday celebrations at schools. First, you can easily make an awesome Thing 1 and Thing 2 cutout.  It will be a huge hit with the kids … Read more