Dr. Seuss Party

Most all young kids love Dr. Seuss books, so this year why not consider a Dr. Seuss theme for their birthday!  These ideas could also be used in classrooms for Dr. Seuss’ birthday celebrations at schools.

First, you can easily make an awesome Thing 1 and Thing 2 cutout.  It will be a huge hit with the kids and adults.

At the table when guests came in, have a Dr. Seuss book called “Happy Birthday to You!”.  You can also have a note that says, “Wait!  Stop here you see, and leave a very special message to me.  For a girl your note could say:

A birthday wish, just give it a whirl, to a very special 3 year-old girl.  On the front, the back, or any of the pages, it’s something I will treasure all of my ages.

For a bot your note could say:

A birthday wish, now don’t be coy, for a very special 3 year-old boy.  On the front, the back, or any of the pages, it’s something I will treasure all of my ages.

You also can have 4 prizes of mugs filled with candy.  The note reads, “Tell me the correct number of candies in the jar.  If you’re the winner, you’ll take them home in your car!”

Now for the food table.  Here is the Cat in the Hat fruit salad, and the Cat in the Hat strawberry/banana skewers.

Here is the One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish food!  Just your simple multi-colored Goldfish, and Swedish Fish in Jell-O cups.

Of course a Dr. Seuss party wouldn’t be complete without the author’s most famous food, Green Eggs and Ham.  The somewhat-edible version of this food that we could invent is avocado on hard boiled egg whites.  You could also make deviled eggs, with green food coloring in the egg filling.  For the ham, just use ham sandwiches.

Here is our “Hop on Pop Popcorn” which the kids always love!

For drinks we had blue and red Gatorade, and ”Beezlenut Splash” which is just Sprite, red and blue Jell-O, and fruit.  You can find this drink, and other ideas and pictures from an amazing Dr. Seuss birthday party at this website: Hostess with the Mostess.

Now how about the cake?  One idea is to go to your favorite cake maker and ask them to do a Dr. Seuss themed cake but ask if they can put your child’s face on the cake as one of the characters!  They will love that and make the cake personal and special.

Finally, pick out some of your favorite Dr. Seuss quotes.  Print them out, and paste them on Dr. Seuss characters that you can create.  They make for fun decorations for the party.  These three say, “I’m ready you see, now my troubles will have trouble with me.”, “You have brains in your head, you have feet in your shoes, you can steer yourself in any direction you choose.  You’re on your own and you know what you know, and YOU are the one who’ll decide where you’ll go.”, “Today you are you, that is truer than true.  There is no one alive who is youer than you.”

Party Ideas


Swirls are one of the first things that come to me when I think of Dr. Seuss decor. Cut your own paper swirls to save money. You may also buy a fun box of colorful paper swirls to save time.


Make a balloon

  • garland (all you need is balloons and garland strip)
  • String (use clear cord: connect balloons to it at random spots) 
  • cluster
  • jungle (hang the balloons from the ceiling and put some curling ribbon and streamer in the mix)

Gate to Whoville

For this one, cardboard is useful. Make an arch. It need not have an ideal shape. Crazy shapes are the focus of Dr. Seuss. The arch should be painted and, if desired, decorated. Both young and old guests will be impressed by this entry. If your guests are small, make sure your entry is as low as possible. Kids adore decorations that are placed at eye level.

Treat Table

Tock Tick – Easy Backdrop

We set up our treat table next to the clock and against the wall. As in the Sleep Book, a clock that ticks tock. It’s not a problem that not everyone has one of these antique clocks hanging on their walls. One can be created or just purchase one.

Table Coverings

Plastic tablecloths in red and white were used. The white one was divided into two strips to create stripes, while the red one covered the table.

Polkadot Box

If everything is the same height, it becomes boring. Using boxes, you can quickly increase height and create a more entertaining meal table. Just be certain that they are solid enough to prevent your cupcakes from falling within the box. A bookcase box was employed. One of those smaller bookcases was the intended use. The box was ideal for exhibiting yummy snacks and looked fairly amusing when it was wrapped in polka-dot wrapping paper.


Make use of these decorative suggestions for your tables. Also, you can use them to cover any empty spaces at your food table.


Fishbowls made of glass or plastic will appear fantastic. Fill them with blue gelatin and gummy fish candy. The plastic fishbowls could be used as children’s party favors. If so, you should probably stuff them with goldfish crackers or fish-flavored Gummi Bears.

Seussified Straws

What you need:

  • Fun straws
  • Tiny pompoms
  • Feathers
  • Little serving dishes
  • Glue gun

The straw can be glued to the serving dish to start. then include whimsical decorations. Or the other way around. You might wish to include more items as well. Whatever you happen to have in your craft supplies or at a dollar store. Whatever you want!

Dr. Seuss Yummy Food

  • Sprinkle cookies
  • Hop On Popcorn
  • Truffula Tuft
  • Cupcakes
  • Drinks

Dr. Seuss Party Games

1. Toss the ball in the hat


  • Red bucket
  • White paint
  • Balls


To begin, the straw can be affixed to the serving plate. then add whimsy to the decor. You might want to add even more things. Whatever is available at a dollar store or in your craft supplies. whichever you please!

How to Play:

In the bucket, toss the balls. Whoever sinks the most balls wins.

2. Mr. Brown Can Moo, Can You?


  • Index cars or cardstock
  • Music


List words on larger sheets of paper or index cards. (Terms like sheep, train, ship, guitar, trampoline, squeaky door, laptop keyboard)

How to Play:

  • Create a circle or any other shape with them.
  • Play music while the children circle the index card shape.
  • When the music ends, they flip the cards over and produce the appropriate sound.

3. Green Eggs Race


  • White pipe cleaner
  • Green pipe cleaners
  • Hot glue gun
  • Spatula


  • Twist a white pipe cleaner into a swirly circle. Like a swirly lollipop, for example. To create a larger circle, you might wish to twist a number of them together. The egg white is shown here.
  • Twist a green pipe cleaner into a swirly circle. (This is the yolk of the green egg.)
  • Put some glue on the egg yolk then stick it to the egg white.

How to Play:

Form teams. Each team gets a spatula and a green egg.

Each team’s starter runs to the opposite side of the room with an egg on a spatula in hand. They throw the egg into the air and catch it with a spatula at the opposite end of the room.

After completing that, they sprint back and hand the spatula and egg to the following team member.

4. Clover Race


  • Duster or a big pompom glued to a dowel
  • Something light like a foam puzzle piece to represent the Whoville

How to Play:

Form teams. Each team gets a duster and “Whoville”.

Without dropping the Whoville, the first member of each team sprints or walks to the other side of the room and then returns. The following player receives the duster, and so forth.

The first-place finisher wins.

5. What’s In The Fox’s Sock


  • Socks
  • Items to put in the socks

How to Play:

Toys and other items mentioned in Dr. Seuss novels should be placed in socks. Only one thing each sock.

To determine what is within the sock, the guests can squeeze and touch it.


A Dr. Seuss party can be a fun way to celebrate the enjoyment of reading and Dr. Seuss’s creative world. Children can have a special experience that they will remember for years to come with imaginative decorations, interesting activities, and lots of fun.