Special quote book keepsake

When my daughter was young, I created a book of meaningful quotes for her as a keepsake.  I then added pages to the back for “Quotes From You”, where I write down all of the funny and sweet things that she says.  This has become a treasure for my daughter, especially as she gets old enough to understand some of the quotes and look back on what she said when she was younger.

I now frequently create these books for baby shower gifts, and they are always cherished.  My favorite gifts at my baby shower were the sentimental gifts that could be kept for years to come, so this was perfect.  It’s also very easy and inexpensive to make, so it’s a great addition to a gift from the mother’s registry.

At the end of this post, I have created 12 free printables, plus the cover and “Quotes From You” page, so that you can make your own book.  If you would like to create a page of a certain quote that is not offered here, I am willing to create additional printables at no cost.  Please just email me at angie@easylivingmom.com.

Here are the steps to making the book.  Just like all of the other crafts that I attempt, it is very simple and not very time consuming.  Please leave a comment to let me know what other types of books you would make for your kids, or funny quotes that they have said that you would add to this book (I’m a sucker for kid one-liners!).

1. Assemble the needed materials: quote printables, cardstock, hole punch, ribbon

2. Cut out the printable quotes.

3. Use an adhesive to stick the printable quotes to the cardstock.  I used photo splits because they are inexpensive and easy to use.

4. Repeat step 3 for each of the quotes, the cover of the book, and the Quotes From You pages.

5. Punch two holes in each of the cards.

6. Assemble the cards in the order you want, and then tie them together with the ribbon.  You have your finished product now, and a keepsake for a lucky child to cherish for years.

Printables (click on the thumbnail picture to open the printable):


Be the Change You Want to See in the World:

Don’t Let Small Minds Convince You that Your Dreams are Too Big:

Go Into the World and Do Well, but More Importantly, Go Into the World and Do Good:

I Believe in Being Strong When Everything Seems to Be Going Wrong….:

Love Life and Life Will Love You Back, Love People and People Will Love You Back:

Never Let a Bad Day Make You Feel Like You Have a Bad Life:

No Act of Kindness, However Small, Is Ever Wasted:

Spread Love Everywhere, Let No One Ever Come to You Without Leaving Better and Happier:

Success Isn’t the Key to Happiness, Happiness is the Key to Success:

We Are All in the Gutter, But Some of Us Are Looking at the Stars:

When You Choose to See the Good in Others, You End Up Seeing the Good in Yourself:

You Have to Do Things that Others Don’t Understand Because Those Are the Only Good Things:

Quotes From You: