Chore tic tac toe

Now that my daughter is getting to be old enough to start helping with chores, I have been thinking of ways to make chores fun.  Here was my first idea: Chore Tic-Tac-Toe.  For now, she needs to get three X’s in a row in order to “win.”  When my younger child is old enough, I will have them play each other each week in a Tic Tac Toe game.  One will be X’s, and the other will be O’s.  They’ll get to take a turn for each chore.

Here is what my chart looks like.  I used pictures because my daughter is not yet old enough to read.  You can print this out (see the link to a jpeg of the chore chart at the bottom of the post) and then put it in a photo album sleeve and use a dry erase marker to create the X’s and O’s.  Alternatively, you can put it in the refrigerator and use X and O magnets.

This is printable as well, so you can click on the image to pull up the chart to print it out.


Chores to be Done

There are various chores that I picked for my children to do. But, they are quite easy and will help them keep a track of things.

Do the Dishes

If you want to teach your children how to be diligent in cleaning and keeping the house tidy, make them do dishes. After each meal it would be their responsibility to wash the dishes, dry them out and hand it on stand. 

Clean the Glass Tables

Glass tables often catch more dust than any other material, so you can ask your daughter to clean it with a soap spray and dry it with a clean cloth.

Clean your Room

Every individual has to clean his or her room everyday. That’s a basic requirement of being a diligent child. So, ask your daughter to clean the dust on the window, and wardrobe. Prepare the bed everyday and sort out scattered mess before sleeping.

Clean up Playroom

It should be the responsibility of every child to clean up the mess after playing. Whether its their own room or a playroom, it should look tidy and clean.

Help Put Clothes Away

Sometimes your wardrobe is full of unnecessary clothes and you need a helping hand to discard them. You can always ask your daughter to do it for you. Put necessary items in your wardrobe and discard those you no longer want to keep.

Help Set the Table

When mothers are busy cooking and baking for their beloved children, children have to help them by setting up the table. They can wipe off the table, carry the dishes from the kitchen and pour the drinks.

Dust Downstairs

Dusting is something that everybody can do. So, why don’t you start by asking your daughter to dust the downstairs because it often gets filled with mud and dust. 

Sweep the floor

Sweeping the floor is like an exercise. If you ask your children to do it occasionally , your house will be clean and your children will be fit and healthy. 

Wrapping up!

So, what are you waiting for? You have gone through all the possible chores that your daughter can easily perform, so start teaching her and we are pretty sure she will get a grip of it soon.