Six underwear questions women are too embarrassed to ask

I have put together six underwear questions that women are too embarrassed to ask and possible answers to them too. Also, check here for cheeky underwear. Also, check the sniff panties prank you can play on your boyfriend that he will remember forever.

1. Bleaching panties?

Firstly, many women have experienced the normal color removal that occurs on their Womens Underwear but many wouldn’t be able to ask why this is so. It is actually a completely normal occurrence as the woman’s vaginal fluids are made to be slightly acidic, this is the reason for the bleaching of that spot but have in mind that it is not good for your pH level to be too acidic.

2. How long a bra should be put on

This is certainly a normal question roaming the minds of many. Some find themselves wearing their bras for up to a week mostly when they are in dark colors but it would be better if you go for two days. This also depends on what you’re putting it on to wear. If you’re wearing it for a heavy workout process or just to visit a friend down the street, the time frame for wearing each would differ.

3. When is the best time to go without undies?

The best answer to that is at night, before retiring to bed. Some women get so accustomed to having underwear that they even wear them after a cold shower and before climbing into bed. It shouldn’t be that way, you should allow yourself some breathing space. You would surely have a better night’s rest and it is considered more healthy.

4. What is the best fabric/material for my underwear?

The lighter, the better, especially when putting on an outer attire that has a heavier fabric. Knotty Knickers have a variety of designs and patterns in feather like fabric.

5. High waist panties or G-strings?

We want to start by saying variety I the spice of life. All of them are different in their own ways and have advantages over the other, it is left for you to decide which works better with you and on what occasion and time. Take for example, when putting on tight jeans, it will certainly be preferable to wear a pair of G-strings to allow more air down there.

6. Undies while exercising?

We don’t see what’s wrong with putting on a sports bra before taking your early morning jog or work out, it would help with keeping your boobs in place and are at a higher advantage for women with larger boobs but panties are different. You can decide to put one on or not, this can depend on your sports outfit, your routine, and what you’re most comfortable in but be rest assured that if worn, they are to be washed immediately and not used for the rest of the day.

Oftentimes, there are questions that roam our minds but we might not be able to come clean and ask people about it because it makes us feel embarrassed. Our cheeks heat up and we can hardly maintain eye contact when asking such questions. Most of us would rather turn to the Internet to seek answers. This is where this article comes in handy.