Self Divorce – How to File for Divorce by Myself?

Self-divorce is not a universal solution that suits every couple. But if your case is not overcomplicated and you don’t mind taking part in the process actively, you can have your marriage finalized faster, cheaper, and simpler with a DIY divorce. More if you haven’t got any children and any big assets, this makes the right option for you. Check out the DIY divorce peculiarities and make the top suitable choice on terminating your relationships for maximum benefits.

Define Whether DIY Divorce Suits You

Prior to opting for self-divorce, it is preferred to define whether such a scenario suits you and your partner. Here are initial simple steps to getting a divorce in Texas on your own:

  1. Talk to your partner – be open and fair about your intentions and try to persuade your spouse to opt for amicable marriage termination. You should define whether you can agree on major divorce issues and move forward without an attorney by cooperating effortfully.
  2. Assess your situation – provided you are not married for a long time, have no kids, or can easily agree on co-parenting principles, have no big assets and debts to distribute, don’t expect to get or pay spousal support, etc. a DIY divorce is your preferred option. Otherwise, it is advised to invest more time and money and cooperate with a divorce lawyer.
  3. Check out for any major issues – discuss the best possible solutions for main divorce issues, covering custody and visitation, division of marital assets and joint debts, alimony, and name change. Define if you can reach mutually beneficial decisions.
  4. Decide whether you need professional assistance – if you wish to divorce on your own, it doesn’t mean that you have to ignore other professionals. You can ask for a general overview of your case from your family law attorney, hire a mediator to optimize your discussion, and get a professional evaluator to assess your financial situation.

Once you determine that DIY marriage termination is good for you and do all the preparatory processes, you can set to applying for divorce by yourself.

File for Divorce

The process of filing is not complicated if you know what to do and follow expert advice. Cover the following points to succeed:

  1. Attend the family law office – the family law officer will answer all your questions regarding the case, instruct on the subsequent steps and inform you where to get the forms. Mind that they don’t give you any advice on how to solve any divorce issues since they have no right to.
  2. Get the forms – you don’t need an attorney to ask where can I get divorce forms. You may obtain the necessary forms on the state legal platform or at the family law office. You may need a Petition for Divorce, Summons, Financial Affidavit, Settlement Agreement, and some other papers to request a divorce.
  3. Fill out and file the forms – some online platforms come up with guides to help you fill out the docs, in other cases the state will grant you assistance in reading your docs out for any mistakes with no charge. Anyway, after you complete all the required papers properly you have to bring them to the family law office either on your own or send paper or electronic forms as regulated in your county.
  4. Pay the mandatory fees – don’t forget you have to pay mandatory filing fees of around $300. If you cannot cover them, fill out a fee waiver and you can avoid this expense.
  5. Store the docs properly – all the docs you collect before the divorce process, and during filing are to be copied, organized and stored so that you can easily access them later when necessary.

If you follow the legal procedure step by step and stay organized, the filing process will pass without any complications for you.

Attend the Court Hearing

If you know your case and local legislation well, you will attend the court hearing without an attorney with no complications. Here is what you should get ready for:

  1. Get your court date – if your state requires a court hearing to deal with a peaceful divorce, you will get your hearing appointed and your court date mailed to you. Depending on the complicacy of your issues you may need one or several hearings appointed.
  2. Get ready – prepare all the necessary docs, dress up accordingly, and think about what you may have to dwell on.
  3. Attend the hearing – appear at the hearing and be ready with the final agreements to be approved by the judge. You won’t have any other possibility to alter the divorce regulations. Care to settle all the solutions comfortably for both of you in advance.

Even the seem-to-be most complicated do-it-yourself divorce issues can be handled without any complications if you approach the process with proper preparations and efforts invested. If you know what you wish from the end of your marriage and can agree with your former beloved, a court hearing will be of no bother to you.

Finalize Your Case

You shouldn’t relax unless your marriage termination is over or you can ruin all the results you have achieved. Review the concluding tasks of your divorce without a lawyer:

  1. Comply with the requirements – if your case has any particular requirements such as a waiting period, co-parenting classes, pregnancy, and so on, you should cover them before your divorce can be delivered to an end.
  2. Retrieve your divorce decree – once your divorce decree is signed by the judge, you can request a copy. Whether you want to change your name, sell your marital house, or get married again, you may need a certified divorce decree copy.
  3. Obey the regulations – your divorce decree will dictate the relationships between you and your partner after the end of the divorce and all the related issues. Don’t violate any regulations unless you wish to have any problems with the law.

If you invest enough effort and time and cooperate with your partner efficiently, you will manage to complete the divorce without a lawyer. Choose the right divorce strategy, listen to the advice of the relevant experts, be open to mutually beneficial solutions, and you will get a divorce by yourself successfully.