Recipe Ideas to Get the Most Out of Bisquick

Get to know about some easy and shortcut recipe ideas using Bisquick which will make cooking easier.

Do you know what a Bisquick is? Well, most of us don’t. Even if we did see our grandparents using it on weekends to make beautiful sunny pancakes, most of us have forgotten about it or have no clue what it is. Not just on weekends, but many households would use it on a regular basis since it made everything easier and tastier.

Here is a little refresher on what Bisquick is. It was first created when a top sales executive of General Mills had some wonderful biscuits in a train dining. The chef apparently had premixed the dough so he could serve freshly baked biscuits to his guests quickly. This intrigued him, so he rushed home and made a dry mix that could be stored outside of the fridge, mixed in a minute, and baked immediately. It was originally marketed as a biscuits mix.

It was considered to be revolutionary when first launched. But over time, baking pre-mixed desserts became pretty normal. From brownies to pies, everything is available in a ready mix form. Among these fancy mixes, Bisquick did get a bit overshadowed. But Bisquick is not the same as it used to be; it has evolved a lot.

Continue reading to know about some amazing dishes you can make using Bisquick.

Baked Corn Dogs

It’s very hard to find someone who doesn’t enjoy corn dogs. They can be found almost anywhere and never fail to make your inner child happy. Its slightly sweet and savory flavor makes it the perfect snack for any time of the day. It gets its slightly sweet and crunchy outer layer from cornmeal. But if you have Bisquick at home, you don’t need to mess with cornmeal.

With Bisquick, corn dogs can be made easily at home. The preparation is the same as regular corn dogs. You need to prepare the meat and season it the way you like. But it is better if the seasonings are kept simple. Some salt and pepper would be enough. Then instead of using cornmeal, you can use Bisquick to make the frying batter. Then you can fry them as usual.

When you use Bisquick, it gives great results even after baking and is a healthier alternative. The raising agents used in Bisquick help the outer layer to be crispy, even if you bake it. One good thing about using Bisquick is that you can use homemade Bisquick as well. This means you don’t need to worry about running out of cornmeal when you are craving corn dogs.

Bisquick Pizza

Bisquick Pizza

What if I told you, you can make your comfort food easily at home using Bisquick? Yes. You can bake something like a pizza at home using Bisquick. And, apparently, there are many benefits to it as well. If you have ever baked a pizza at home then you’ll know how tiring it is to make the pizza dough. Though you can get store-bought dough, it is best to avoid it if possible.

Most of the time it is not possible to make a pizza on short notice because the dough needs to be proofed for a while, which takes at least two to three hours. This is not the case with Bisquick. You can whip up a batch and bake it immediately. Another benefit of using Bisquick dough is that it is yeast-free which is more convenient for a lot of us.

A Bisquick dough pizza is delicious, however, it is a little different from regular pizza. The dough is a bit biscuity rather than being stretchy or bread-like. But, it is still quite soft and moist. You can add some garlic and onion powder to make it a bit more flavourful. After you prepare the dough, you can spread the sauce you like and add the toppings of your choice. Lastly, bake it as usual and it is done.


If you love Mexican food, you would know what a pain it is to run out of tortillas when you are craving some. They are a staple food in Mexican cuisine. So, if you ever run out of them, Bisquick can be a quick saver and sometimes even more flavourful than regular tortillas.

Making Bisquick tortillas is very simple. It is a pretty basic recipe with very few ingredients and you can find a recipe online. You need to prepare the dough and let it sit for a while (about twenty minutes should be enough). Then, bake them for about ten minutes and you have some freshly baked tortillas that are ready to rock your next Mexican dinner.

Oven-Baked Fried Chicken

Be it kids or adults, fried chicken can bring a smile to anyone’s face. but considering how unhealthy it is, it is not wise to indulge in it. Because all those saturated fats and unhealthy ingredients would probably take out a few years of your life.

What you can do instead is to make some baked “ fried chicken” at home using Bisquick. Apparently, many people claim that it tastes like KFC! So, you can enjoy fried chicken that tastes just as delicious as your favorite restaurant without the risk factors involved. You can find many baked “fried chicken” recipes online and, not to mention, they are very easy to make.

Red Velvet Cake

Let’s talk about desserts now. Among all the possible desserts you can make using Bisquick, a red velvet mug cake is the easiest yet the fanciest. For all of us who have a sweet tooth, craving some cake is a regular occurrence.

Using biscuit mixes to make cakes or desserts is not new. Because biscuits and cakes have very similar dry ingredients, a biscuit mix cake comes out pretty spot on. And most importantly, it allows you to make very small batches so you don’t have to worry about getting overboard and having a sugar rush. Just measure a few tablespoons of Bisquick, some milk, oil, vanilla, cocoa powder, sugar, and red food coloring. Mix it very well and microwave until it is done.

To Sum Up

These were just some of the amazing things you can make with Bisquick. There are many more recipes that can be made easily using bisquick. Not only does it make cooking faster and convenient, but it can replace unhealthy ingredients.