Reasons to Choose a BAKflip MX4 Truck Bed Cover

A pickup’s massive body and sturdy frame hint at its true nature as a rugged vehicle. Because of its stronger construction, improved suspension, and beefed-up wheels and tires, it can withstand changing road conditions. Examples include muddy, rocky, and sandy pathways in remote areas, as well as flooded streets.

Because of its endurance and strength, a pickup truck can be useful in non-business uses. This is especially noticeable during natural disasters such as flash floods. A pickup truck is capable of driving in submerged areas where a car or hatchback cannot. This is because much of what’s under the hood, such as engine components and inlets, is raised and protected from water and other elements.

Another advantage of pick-up trucks is the enormous space in the back where you can keep all of the cargo you need to bring on out-of-town road trips or even all of your market or mall shopping.

Using truck bed covers, you may keep your valuables out of sight and mind of potential burglars. Anyone passing by can reach into an open bed and help themselves to your belongings. Installing a bed cover ensures a weather-proofed bed, ensuring that your cargo is never again at the mercy of the elements. It alleviates your concern about losing anything in the back of your truck.

Benefits of BAKFlip Truck Bed Covers


We won’t be happy if the items in the truck bed are constantly exposed to the elements and other people.  As drivers and passengers, we must also ensure that our cargos in the back are protected from the heat and rain and will not be carried away in the event of severe winds.

Truck bed covers protect our truck bed cargos from changing and extreme weather conditions, as well as those with malicious intents of stealing things. But, as a pickup truck owner, how would you go about selecting the greatest truck bed cover for you? Here are some of the benefits of using a BAKFlip Truck bed cover.

  • Simple access to your vehicle bed.
  • Cargo transportation that is safe and secure.
  • Increased theft protection.
  • Better gas mileage.
  • Protection against rain, snow, and grime.
  • Organization and storage space optimization.

BAKFlip MX4 vs F1 Truck Bed Cover


The fiberglass skin and aerodynamic shape of the BAKFlip F1 truck bed cover are well-known features. It’s easy to use and easy to put together. The bolts are invisible and don’t need any drilling. This tonneau cover will fit your truck so well that it will look like it was made just for your truck. The advanced latching and locking system gives your cargo even more security.

The BAKFlip MX4 tonneau cover may be the best choice for you if you want a cover for your truck bed that is easy to put on and take off. This soft bed cover has three folds and sections made of aluminum panels to make it easy to use and protect your bed. The matte marine-grade vinyl is hard to tear, scratch, and fade, so your tonneau cover will stay looking new for longer. Here are some other good reasons to choose the BAKFlip MX4 tonneau cover:

Access to the entire bed

Once you have opened the cover and fastened it in place using the struts that were provided, you will have access to the majority of your bed. Improved rod clips are used to keep the struts in their proper position while they are not being used. The MX4 comes equipped with upgraded rubber bumpers that stop the cover from causing damage to the cab of your truck when it is opened.

Side rails improved

MX4 rails have a polished appearance, and there is no raw metal exposed anywhere on their surface. Water is directed away from and away from the bed of your vehicle by channels that are constructed into the rails.

Seal for the tailgate with a double-sided action

It is possible to close the lid of your mx4 tailgate with the tailgate open or closed thanks to the design of the tailgate seal.

Panels in matte black

The exterior of the MX4 is coated in a matte black that is resistant to ultraviolet light. This powder coat protects against damage from ultraviolet light as well as scratches and dents.

Installation using threaded bolts

The installation of the cover does not require any drilling to be done. The installation of the MX4 may be completed in roughly an hour if you have a wrench and socket set on hand.

It is available to everyone

To open the compartment and gain access to your cargo, pull the string lock and fold the cover toward the cab of your truck. When the cover is folded back to close it, the panels will automatically latch into place where they should be.

With aluminum coated panels, the BAKflip MX4 tonneau cover has a strong exterior that can withstand bumps, dips, and damaging UV radiation. Don’t worry about inclement weather and other environmental conditions because the surface is scratch-resistant and less prone to fade. This portion can take a hammering whereas the object you’re moving can’t. Also, don’t lose access to what you need. Everything is still available for your use. Hard folding tonneau cover latch mechanisms and seals are designed for ease of use and enable for simple tailgate closure.

This tough part has a modern black finish and can withstand up to 400 lbs of distributed weight. A low profile will improve the aesthetic look. Views are also not hindered. The buckle system was created with this in mind. The flap remains down and does not obstruct the rear view.


Most truck bed tonneau covers struggle to strike a suitable combination of simplicity, flexibility, and protection. The BAKFlip MX4 vs F1 truck bed cover is one of the few that comes close in terms of design and execution. This cover, with a little set-up, provides a handy way to reach the inside bed while keeping it as protected from the outside as feasible.

Yes, the protection against theft is minor, but the cover provides a basic barrier of protection over merely leaving the bed uncovered. To be honest, if maximum security is a key requirement, you’ll have to sacrifice some convenience in exchange for a more secure, hardshell choice.

Final Verdict: If you’re seeking for something reasonable and simple to install to give you extra peace of mind, the MX4 is worth a look.