Does shaking perfume or cologne ruin it?

It’s customary to shake cologne before applying it. Should you shake the cologne or not?

When you order a new perfume from an online perfume shop, it is transported from a separate place. The perfume gets a vigorous shake during the shipping procedure. The perfume will begin to fade more quickly over time. There isn’t much you can do to avoid the shake. Shaking a bottle as part of your perfume ritual, on the other hand, is absolutely unnecessary.

Shaking cologne bottles before applying the first spritz is a widespread yet incorrect method. Perfumes are made from chemicals bound together by intricate chemical connections, resulting in wonderful aromas and fragrances. However, jiggling the perfume container before spraying it on the skin upsets the molecules’ kinetic energy. Shaking a cologne bottle generates heat and causes air bubbles to form within the bottle. Both can completely degrade your favorite perfume in a matter of seconds.

Perfume bottles are hermetically sealed to prevent air from entering. Perfumers, on the other hand, do not remove the air from the bottle. When you give a perfume bottle a good jerk, the moving molecules collide, causing air bubbles to form. So, if you think shaking cologne can improve the balance of all those oils while spritzing the liquid over your body, think again. You are incorrect.

Shaking the cologne does not improve the aroma. Shaking perfume, on the other hand, incorporates air into the cologne container. Oxygen is produced by air bubbles. By commencing the oxidizing process, oxygen speeds up the molecular breakdown of the fragrance. This reduced the aroma and took away the luxurious feel of your perfume.

Delicate molecular connections hold the chemical ingredients in a new perfume bottle together. When we shake cologne, we unwittingly transfer kinetic energy from our potential energy to the moving fragrance molecules. This causes the moving molecules to accelerate, causing them to collide more frequently. This rubbing generates heat, which disrupts the scent molecules’ chemical balance.

The right way use and store perfume

The quality of perfume will be kept and the scent will remain longer if it is used and stored properly.

Avoid shaking the perfume bottle or cologne

Shaking produces bubbles that contain oxygen. Oxygen can agitate the compounds, causing oxidation and further breakage of those fragile chemical interactions, resulting in a changed or weaker smell.

Close the bottle immediately after spraying

It’s worth noting that perfume will remain unopened until it’s used. When a bottle of fragrance is exposed to oxygen, the perfume inside dilutes and oxidizes. With more oxygen and less perfume in the bottle, it’s only natural for the smell to dissipate. After the first usage, the clock starts ticking, so be careful when introducing a new smell.


Make sure you’re spraying the perfume on your skin rather than your clothes. When the perfume interacts with the oils on your skin, it is most effective. Furthermore, it frequently emits a distinct odor. Perfume can also damage or taint your clothes. It is advisable to apply perfume to your pulse points because this allows the fragrance to diffuse more effectively. Perfume can be applied to your inner wrist, elbows, shoulders, behind your ears, and other areas.

Apply perfume after shower

The optimum time to apply perfume is immediately after taking a shower. With all the moisture sealed inside, the aroma will last longer on your skin. And everyone around you will be able to smell your perfume.

Keep your perfume out of the bathroom

It is not appropriate to keep it in the restroom. Keeping bottles in the bathroom is the most prevalent storage mistake made by scent owners. Bathrooms feature both significant humidity and temperature variations, making them the ideal environment for a perfume graveyard. Instead, keep your perfume in a closet or cupboard outside of the bathroom.

Store perfume in its original box

It’s ideal to keep your perfume somewhere cool and dry, preferably in its original packaging box. Keeping a bottle in its original box can dramatically extend the life of a scent. Do not, however, put the perfume in the drawer. When you open and close a drawer repeatedly, the scent will be shaken. Over time, this will harm your perfume.


The perfume bottles are made to keep the fragrance fresh and fragrant for longer. The pump bottle is composed of an unique type of material. The alcohol in the liquid composition prevents corrosion, making it an ideal cologne container.

Keeping the perfume in its original bottle will prolong its life and keep it aromatic.

Use a perfume atomizer

Some people carry their perfume bottle everyday and keep it in their purses or bags. This, however, will very probably harm your perfume. Use a perfume atomizer instead. This will keep the life of your scent intact.

Ship perfume safely with a tight box and padding

If you’re shipping perfume, you’ll need an appropriate perfume storage box to transport your scent from point A to point B. Because glass is easily broken, keep your perfume bottle in a sealable cardboard box with bubble wrap, duct tape, and packing material such as newspaper or styrofoam.

Pack your perfume bottles properly before moving

Moving from one location to another, similar to driving a car, might have an impact on your perfume. While it is impossible to keep perfume bottles from shaking during transportation, you may reduce the damage by carefully wrapping them.

Do not expose perfume to heat

Light, whether natural or artificial, can change the chemical constitution of your fragrance and destroy its aroma composition. Instead of making them a focal point on your dresser, store them in a dark spot.

Place your perfume in a dry place

Water is a formidable opponent. Water damage, like other pollutants, will degrade a fragrance. Humidity affects the make-up of a scent and might trigger undesired chemical reactions. If you’re in a humid climate, this can be difficult to prevent, so be especially cautious. To keep your perfume from evaporating, store it in a room with a dehumidifier.

Scents should be stored on the lowest shelf possible

While this may seem self-evident, it is a vital point to remember. It’s a recipe for disaster to keep a top-tier fragrance on the top shelf. Spilling a perfume bottle is sad and unnecessary, and it can keep a space smelling strong for weeks.

Even if the bottle does not break, turbulence on landing can cause chemical bonds to break and a perfume to be ruined. When keeping your perfume on a shelf, aim low. Low-shelving is the most risk-free storage solution if you’re trying to figure out how to display perfume.

Maintain a constant temperature

Keep your perfume in a cool, consistent location. Make sure your bottle is stored away from extremes of temperature – hot or cold. You should strive for a temperature of 60 degrees.


Most people’s everyday routine includes applying perfume or cologne. Especially for individuals who perspire profusely. It makes us smell, feel, and appear nice. The scent of cologne or perfume attracts attention. People gaze at you and turn their heads. Even the perfume you wear makes people remember you. It becomes your trademark. If you don’t use perfume correctly, it won’t stay long. One of the reasons cologne or perfume is ruined is because it is shaken. The heat produced by the bubbles caused by shaking destroys it. If not stored properly, the quality will deteriorate. We must use caution when applying perfume or cologne in order to preserve its smell. We might not be recognized anymore if our perfume smells different.