Questions To Ask For Your Laundry Renovation Project

No one wants to do the laundry, especially if it is being done manually. The good news is, the days when you have to scrub and wash your clothes using your hands are over, as there are new machines introduced to make the laundry easy and fast.

When planning to improve your laundry area after buying new washing machines, you have to make sure that the renovators you will hire won’t disappoint you at all. Of course, you do not want your investment be put to waste, hence making sure that you are hiring only the best professionals for your laundry renovation Canberra is what you need to do.

But with the many renovators claiming that they are the best in the industry, how would you know if they are really the best? It is actually asking questions that can help you find the best renovator in your area.

Some are hesitant about asking questions as they think that when they ask questions, it means that they need to hire their service. Do not worry as that is not the case as renovators understand that before hiring their service, they will be asked questions first.

To help you get started, here are a few questions you can start with:


One of the things you have to seriously consider is the timeline. There are many questions to ask about this criterion, and some of which are the following:

  • When can you start the project
  • When can you finish the project
  • What time your renovators would work

Timeline is very important to ask, not to rush them finishing the project, but to set your expectations. Of course, you would never want to wait forever for them to finish the project. Also, you can try to negotiate for timelines in case you are not happy with the time they provided, but needless to say, when negotiating for time, you have to make sure that you are giving them enough leeway to finish the project in its best quality.


Of course, their rates are also important to ask. You would never want a project to start unless you know how much you need to prepare to finish your laundry renovation project. Some of the questions under this criterion are:

  • How much will it cost to renovate your laundry area
  • What is the payment terms
  • Can I pay using my credit card
  • How much do you need to collect upfront

When asking questions about this, you have to get specific answers especially that you do not want to go beyond what you can afford.


Warranty is another important information to discuss. Unless everything is clear about the warranty, do not formally hire them. Here are a few questions about warranty to ask:

  • What are the warranty inclusions
  • Are there any reason of disqualifications
  • What are not included on the warranty

Asking clear information about warranty is important if you do not want to get disappointed in the future.


Asking for references is also a good idea. Do not expect though that they would provide their previous customer’s information too easily because of privacy and confidentiality. Just in case they provide you with list of names to call, make sure that when calling them, be direct to the point to avoid wasting their time. Ask only relevant questions and not more than that.

All the answers you collected should be included in your contract. You would not want to deal with any company unless a clear contract is provided. The contract should be signed by both parties for safety and assurance of everyone involved in the project.