5 things to look to when buying smoker BBQ

Holidays are always great times to come together and celebrate happy times with family and friends. Equipping yourself with an ideal modern smoker is the best way to prepare for the barbecues and outdoor parties that you will enjoy during the festivities. It is instrumental for you to think and consider all the factors before choosing to end your search for smokers to purchase. The benefits of using modern options are obvious, for instance improved efficiency not just in terms of operation, but also fuel or energy consumption. Find out below the various factors you must mind in your search for smokers bbq to buy today.

What is a smoker?

The cooking tool used for barbecuing is called a smoker. It enables you to cook food at low temperatures in a regulated smoke atmosphere. A wide range of fuels, including electricity, propane or natural gas, wood, charcoal, and pellets, are used to power smokers.

The food is cooked in traditional smokers by burning wood, which also produces heat and smoke. There are several smokers, from custom-made offset smokers to ceramic outdoor ovens to little smokers you can tote on camping vacations.


How much should you part with to get the smoker that has caught your interest? One obvious fact is that the price is never the same with different vendors that you will check out. You must begin by doing your own research to ascertain how much different designs of smokers go for from different sellers. You can then figure out the average pricing to consider for the smoker bbq that you have in mind and budget ideally for the same. You should also make sure that the pricing of the smoker relates to the special features it has otherwise you will not be getting value for your money.

Type of fuel used

Various smokers in the market today utilize various forms of fuel for their heating purposes. When buying a smoker, think of the kind of fuel needed and whether it has an impact to the environment on combustion just to be sure you are not encouraging pollution. The common fuel options that you have to go with include charcoal, electricity, gas and pellets. In the market you will also get hybrid smokers which you can use with different types of fuels as you need. You must however know that the time taken to switch ideally between different fuels for this type of smoker can be a lot.

Design and shape

What do you want to do specifically with the smoker? The answer to this question will lead you to choosing the best smoker that there is for your needs. The size of people you are smoking for should be considered for you to determine the best size and shape of smoker to go for. The smoker that you purchase for personal home use will not be the same to a smoker you get for your commercial outdoor restaurant. Remember that heavy and bulky smokers tend to give better performance when compared to the light weight modern ones.

Heat distribution

Heat distribution is mainly determined by the design and the shape of the smoker that you purchase. Look at the model design and ascertain how fuel is combusted while checking the flow of heat on the smoker. This way you will know the parts of the grill that are the hottest and need more attention. There are a lot of charcoal grills which are also used as smokers and their heat distribution mechanism calls for you to be more alert than ever.

Temperature adjustment

Modern day manufacturers gift the market with efficient smokers that allow you to control the temperature you smoke your meat with. There are also time regulators that you can keep in mind just to ensure you have the best quality meets from your barbeque sessions. If the smoker you are looking at has either of these features, then it can be ideal for purchase for the improved efficiency you need in your operations. You furthermore get more time to bond with friends and family if the temperature can be regulated and a smoking timer set.

Different types of smokers

  1. Charcoal Smokers- Compared to stick burners, charcoal smokers don’t need nearly as much attention. Once the coals are fired, built-in dampers that regulate airflow let you change the temperature. Although the charcoal produces the majority of the smoke, you can add wood pieces or chips for more taste. But, because the wood smolders rather than burns, the smoke it produces isn’t quite as pure and flavorful as that from a stick burner.
  2. Stick Burners- These smokers use wood as their only fuel source. They require close monitoring during the cook and also have a steep learning curve.
  3. Gas Smokers- Grilling with gas requires the addition of wood in the form of chips or chunks because gas produces consistent cooking temperatures but no smoke. Make sure you have numerous propane tanks available because one tank might not be enough for extended meals.
  4. Kettle Grills- Although kettle grills aren’t exactly designed for slow smoking meat, they will work just fine if you use them thoughtfully. You must confine the charcoal to one side of the grill in order to set up the grill for indirect heat. The wood chunks or chips that you add to the charcoal will produce the smoke.
  5. Pellet Smokers- A pellet smoker or grill is thermostatically regulated, just like a home oven. Although pellet smokers are simple to use, their advanced technology also makes them more brittle than other types of smokers.
  6. Electric Smokers- Instead of using an open flame to create smoke, an electric smoker uses wood chips, water, and a heating element. Because there is no combustion, the smoke from an electric smoker has a very different flavor from smoke from a live fire.
  7. Kamado Grill and Smoker Combos- These acorn-shaped grills/smokers have a single circular grill surface situated over a firebox that burns charcoal. Traditional kamado grills are composed of ceramic, which has great heat-retention properties and enables them to sustain the low temperatures required for smoking.
  8. Offset Smokers- A barrel-shaped cooking chamber and a smaller barrel-shaped firebox make up an offset smoker. The cooking chamber receives heat and smoke from the firebox, which burns either wood or charcoal. The heat and smoke then escape through a flue damper. This kind of smoker is excellent for cooking a large quantity of meat, and it is one of the best ways to give meat a smokey flavor.

How barbecue smokers operate

All Barbeque smokers operate according to the same fundamental ideas. 

  1. A source of humidity is required- Using humidity, you can keep the meat juicy and tender by preventing the hot air from drying it out. A pan containing water, fruit juice, liquor, and other liquids that can also serve as flavors will provide the humidity. 
  2. Require a source of heat- A heat source is where barbecue smoking begins. Every smoker has a chamber for the combustion of fuel. 
  3. Needs a smoke source- Smoke is typically produced when hardwood chunks or chips burn. Chips offer brief, sharp bursts of smoke for a weaker flavor profile whereas chunks are better for extended cooking times.

Benefits or advantages of having a smoker barbeque

  1. Simple to use- Depending on the model you choose, using a BBQ smoker is easy. BBQ smokers are designed to be utilized by even the most inexperienced beginners and seasoned professionals.
  2. Gives excellent taste- The smoke gives the meat a taste that grilling alone cannot. Sugars from the charred hardwood in the fuel have caramelized in this smoke. Depending on your preferred wood, these sugars add particular flavors. So if you want your meat to have excellent taste, you should try to do it in a smoker. 
  3. It can serve a lot- Most smokers are massive, making them excellent for large gatherings and celebrations. Whether it’s a corporate picnic or a reunion, you can easily feed everyone in attendance with the ordinary smoker.
  4. Tender BBQ– Even the toughest chunks of meat fall apart effortlessly and with as little effort as a fork when cooked low and slow. A smoker can transform even the toughest meat into a tender, sumptuous meal.
  5. Juicy BBQ- Smokers have the ideal conditions for consistent cooking temperatures throughout the whole cooking process, keeping the meat juicy and tender. This is made possible by their sturdy ceramic structure and distinctive dome shape.
  6. Fun and enjoyable- Barbeque smoking soon develops into a delightful pastime that might possibly qualify as art. Smoking has the potential to be a fun and social activity that produces delectable results.


The appropriate smoker is essential for a successful first or second smoke. With little work and talent on the part of the chef, a competent entry-level smoker will maintain the constant temperatures required to efficiently smoke meat.

Knowing the many types of smokers that are available and the benefits and drawbacks they provide aspiring pit masters is crucial when starting your search for a new smoker. Before buying one, make sure to inquire, conduct research, and take into account the factors you need to know.