Numerous Benefits of Eating Fish

Fish is one of the most essential food you should attain in your diet. They provide a great source of vitamin and protein. In addition, there are many other health benefits than just having substantial nutrients. We will go over many different benefits of eating fish and why it’s important.

What kind of nutrient does fish packs?:

Fish does not only contain proteins and vitamins but has a dietary source of omega-3 fatty acids, which is crucial for the body and brain. Omega-3 fatty acids may lower heart diseases and blood pressure. 

Any mothers who are pregnant or breast-feeding their newborns can pass on this nutrient by consuming fish. This can provide health benefits to babies that are going through their early developmental stages.

Fish is a great source of vitamin D, which is beneficial for calcium growth in your bones.  Having fatty fish usually contains the highest amount of vitamin D. Many people today lack vitamin D due to not eating enough fish or not getting much sun outside. If you are one of those people, then consider utilizing these benefits.

Improves eye vision:

Whether you are young or old, eating fish can strengthen your vision in the long run. Why you asked? Well, studies show that omega-3 fatty acids can improve your eyesight because the eyes are heavily dependent on omega-3 fatty acids and need to be well-maintained in order to function. 

Age-related muscular degeneration (AMD) is the most leading factor of vision impairment for older folks. Having omega-3 fatty acids in the fish can protect and avoid this disease as well. 

So when you go eat that delicious fatty salmon, just remember that you are doing yourself a favor to avoid AMD or any vision-impaired diseases out there.

Improving lack of sleep:

Sleep disorders such as insomnia and apnea are quite common worldwide. 

Blue light (looking at your phone/laptop at night) is one of the main reasons people lack sleep. However, studies indicated that the absence of vitamin D may also be involved with not sleeping well. 

Vitamin D helps receptors on certain brain areas like the hypothalamus to control sleep. The levels of vitamin D help secure these receptors.

If you want to have a better sleeping schedule, then I would highly recommend not watching YouTube videos before sleep and have at least fish 3 times a week. Trust me, you will not regret it!

Help prevent arthritis:

Arthritis is an inflammation that happens in your joints and causes serious pain as you get older.  If you are one of those people who suffer arthritis, then consider eating more fish which can ease the pain in your joints. 

Some experts believe applying fish oil each day can reduce the stiffness and swelling of the joints. This is due to the omega-3 fatty acids that help increase the blood flowing into the body during exercise. 

Lower heart risks and strokes:

Fish has a reputation for helping the older population to avoid having any sort of cardio-vascular diseases and strokes. 

Consuming fish like mackerel, tuna, and sardines can help beat the risk of heart diseases due to  omega-3 fatty acids. The unsaturated fatty acids help prevent inflammation to the body. Having inflammation in the body can damage your blood vessels, which leads to heart attacks and strokes. 

Taste amazing and easy to prepare:

Alright let’s be honest, fish taste amazing whether it’s cooked or fresh. 

It should be a no-brainer that you should definitely incorporate fish as a part of your healthy diet. Having fish for at least 2 to 3 times a week should be a must!

If you get a chance, I would recommend getting a wild-caught fish rather than famed. Only because wild-caught fish would usually have more omega-3 fatty acids. 

Fish can be prepared in many ways such as boiled, seared, and baked. Then mixed your fish with some nice prepped vegetables and multigrain rice. 

Now that you are an expert about the benefits of fish, go get yourself a nice sharp Japanese knife and make some delicious sushi!

Keep in mind about the risky side of eating fish:

Now that you know there are many benefits to eating fish, however; there is also a catch. There are potential risks to eating too much fish. There can be harmful chemicals from the water and the fish eats. Harmful chemicals like mercury can build over time. Mercury can harm the nervous system in the brain. 

So how can I avoid this risk? Well, understand what kind of species of fish you should eat and to avoid. Check any advisories of where you fish in the area. Finally, follow certain tips on how to catch and prepare a fish. 

Regardless, there are way more health benefits that weigh off the risk of consuming fish. Just remember to not overeat fish or any other food in that matter. Just have fun and enjoy your delicious sashimi and sushi!