How to Keep Your Homes’ Foundation Free From Water Damage

Everyone in life wants to own a property that lasts for more extended periods. Be it a home, car, career, or relationships. The foundation should be solid enough to sustain it for more years. Therefore, the importance of building and pest report look for signs of problems that could cause structural damage or safety concerns for the potential buyers.

No matter how beautiful the property is, it can get destroyed within a short period if the foundation is weak. A strong foundation also applies to your home. The house can’t stand when the foundation is compromised. Water is one major factor that can quickly destroy the foundation of your home. That’s why you need to be careful when finding the right gutter guards for your home.

Prevent water from getting to the House Foundation

The best way is to keep the water off. Below are various ways to keep the foundation of your home strong and free from water damage.

Maintain a Good Drainage System

When the drainage system is compromised, it can affect the foundation of your home. Keep the water away by ensuring that you have a proper drainage system.

Keep graded ground away from the foundation- Ensure 6-inch slope soil around your home and a 10 ft. of the foundation. In case this doesn’t work, add clay soil to grade the area well and block moisture accumulation in the foundation.

Go for a French drainage system- Put up a trench close to the foundation and ensure it lines up with the gravel. Add a drain with small holes to channel the water away from the foundation. Use gravel to cover the drain and put soil on top.

Install an exterior drainage system- Use drain tiles and footer channels to allow water to pass away from the house. The drain can pass through a sump pump.  Also, you can prefer CCTV Drain Surveys London which is one of the best solutions for blocked drainage.

Ensure the Gutters and Downspouts Remain Functional

Gutters can only drain water if they are working. Ensure the gutters are functional so that the water gets directed away from the house.

• Clean the gutter- Clear off leaves and debris to allow the water to run through freely. When gutters get blocked, the water will be channeled towards the house, damaging the foundation.

• Downspouts should stay 10 feet away from home- Let the downspouts route the water far from the foundation. You can add the recessed downspout extension to the existing one to move it meters away from home.

Don’t Forget to Repair your property

Keep the water drainage systems functional by leak-proofing the whole building. It’ll help keep the foundation in excellent condition.

  • Check the foundation walls and find out if there are cracks and weak mortar joints. In case there are damages, repair immediately.
  • Inspect the roof and ensure that there aren’t water trickles. Replace any damaged tiles as soon as you identify any issue.
  • Maintain a strong eaves-trough system. Ensure gutters and downspouts have no leaks, holes, or gaps. If damaged, replace them.
  • Ensure the plumbing system is functional all the time. Make the necessary repairs and replace the necessary parts.
  • Inspect the foundation after rains to ensure that there is no water pooling around the house. Drain away the water and cover up the spaces to prevent water pools.
  • Keep a Close Eye on the Soil around Your Home

The soil around your home is likely to dry and shrink during droughts. When the rains come back, the soil will expand, exerting too much force on the foundation. To avoid this, keep the soil around your home watered in the drought. Also, trees close to the house can absorb moisture causing the foundation to crack. So, avoid planting trees close.

A Quality Sump Pump Will Go a Long Way

Install a sump pump in the basement to block away floods in the basement. It also prevents water from getting to the homes’ foundation. Ensure you have a sump basin to help gather rainwater. The sump pumps aids in turning away the water when it reaches a certain level.

Carry out yearly tests, especially during stormy seasons. It’ll help you to keep a functional sump pump all year round.

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