No Drip Perfect Pour Olive Oil and Syrup Dispenser

We had the opportunity to check out a cool kitchen gadget that makes using and pouring oil during cooking much easier. We had always poured oil into measuring cups and then poured it into whatever we were cooking. That can be a messy and somewhat unprecise process. Then we were turned onto the No Drip Perfect Pour Olive Oil and Syrup Dispenser. We got our hands on one and were able to review it.

This olive oil dispenser guarantees a no drip pouring because it features an ingenious gravity-enforced weighted lid and a cleverly designed spout. It’s amazing because no matter how hard we tried, there was really no oil that dribbled out of the bottle. This oil dispenser gave us an enjoyable time pouring oil when we’re cooking while keeping our stove and countertops clean at the same time.

Another problem that most of us encounter when pouring oil straight from the bottle is we often overdo it with little regard as to how much is being used. But ever since we got our hands on this oil dispenser, we no longer worry about pouring too much oil because it has a controlled pour measuring system. The glass bottle of this dispenser has handy measurements on the side, that’s why we know how much oil we’ve already poured. Aside from that, it also provides a slow, steady pour, which enabledus to use less oil.

This oil dispenser can also help save counter space compared to those large bulk sized bottles of oil in storage because it is slim and stylish. Aside from decluttering our kitchen counter, it also looks fabulous on our countertop. We also save time between refills with this dispenser because it is big enough to hold about 12 ounces of oil.

Aside from using it in pouring olive oil, it can also be used for most kitchen liquids such as syrups, milk, vinegar, soy sauce, and more, making it perfect for storing, pouring, and measuring. If you can pour it, then you can use it with this dispenser. Meanwhile, to learn more about the pros of extra virgin olive oil, visit the link.

When it comes to cleaning this product, it is very easy and hassle free. The glass measuring base of this dispenser is 100% dishwasher safe. We also find it very easy to assemble and clean by just unscrewing the top from the glass bottom.

Cooler Kitchen’s No Drip Perfect Pour Olive Oil and Syrup Dispenser is an attractive addition to our kitchen counter and it also has a long lasting construction. The bottle is constructed meticulously. We also noticed that it is made of solid, strong glass that will not break easily. It also doesn’t have any buttons to push or parts to break, therefore, it would certainly last for a long time.

This dispenser is indeed very handy for easily pouring oils, syrups, and other liquids. It will keep things clean and simple. If you’re tired of repeatedly cleaning oil and other liquid spills on your kitchen counter and stove, then we recommend Cooler Kitchen’s No Drip Perfect Pour Olive Oil and Syrup Dispenser asone of the best kitchen items that you should have.