The Top 3 Things Every Girl Should Have For Back to School

Back to school can be very hectic for both parents and students as they go about purchasing the essential items they need for the academic year. This calls for proper planning to ensure that the essential stuff is purchased and nothing is left out. Just like boys, girls too need to carry with them the important stuff when going back to school. Sometimes you may assume that you do not need some of these things but you do. In fact, many schools or teachers put together a specific list of supplies that students need to make sure that they bring with them on the first day of school.

Below are three main things that every girl should at least have when going back to school.

1. Necessary school stationery

School is all about studies and for you to study well, you need to have proper studying tools. You need to be certain you have learning materials such as notebooks, pens, pencils, highlighters, and binders. That way you won’t have to always go around borrowing from your classmates. Have a calculator, laptop or tablet to help with doing your calculations and saving your documents respectively. Furthermore, having a couple of flash disks and hard drives may also help you save your assignments and test papers. Also, a nice flashlight will come in handy. No lady will want to walk in a dark alley without knowing what they might stumble on. Most importantly, a nice backpack for carrying books and other items will be of great benefit. Having all this in place will ensure that there are no inconveniences with your studies during the term.

Sharpie, Paper Mate, Expo – Writing Essentials Kit

Instead of getting lose stationery; I always prefer buying a kit with all bare necessities. This sharpie writing essential kit is loaded with a variety of colorful markers, highlighters, pen, erasers and pencils. With this kit in the backpack, you wouldn’t need to borrow anything in the class.

2. Sanitary towels and personal effects

Personal effects are essential especially when you are in a boarding school. It simply resembles a home away from home. So, it is important for you as a school going lady to have your personal effects. One of the important things is the sanitary towels. Their importance cannot be over-emphasized. So, try to carry enough to sustain you through the school term or semester. Other personal effects include bathing soap, washing soap, toothbrush, toothpaste, shoe polish and a nail kit. You will not want to be borrowing from your fellow students throughout the term as it will be bothering and there are hygiene factors involved in sharing brushes, nail clippers etc. The important thing is to carry with you enough personal effects to take you through the whole term without much worry.

3. Necessary clothes                                          

Having different clothes with you especially when your school is located in a place where the weather changes significantly is quite essential. First, understand the climate around the area as this will give you a hint on the few clothes you need to at least carry. Secondly, manage your wardrobe with the appropriate outfits. If your school is where the weather varies from heavy downpour to winter, you should ensure that you carry with you a waterproof jacket, an umbrella, some pair of waterproof boots, gloves, socks and a number of scarfs. Do not forget sports attires as well depending on the sports you are partaking in. one of the best attires every girl should have is the spandex shorts for girls that are comfortable for any kind of sport. This way, you can take part in different types of sports comfortably while you are in school. 

Once you are ready with your backpack, it’s time for you to outshine in your life.  Be well-prepared to meet the world, work hard and make your dreams come true. But more than anything else, you must see to it that your child is all the time safe in school. As much as possible, accompany your child even if he or she is just playing at the playground just to make sure things are all working well and your child is safe.