Most Popular Brands of Blenders

If you want velvety smoothies or milkshakes, blended cocktails, delicious soups, or fresh sauces and dips, you must have the perfect blender to help do the job. Luckily, there are many brands that offer this versatile machine, with each having its own features and design to boost the feel and user experience of the product. With that, it’s no surprise that they earned the trust of many and added them to their respective kitchen counters.

If you’re planning to buy your own, read on below! We’ve listed the most popular brands of blenders, so you can find the best choice for your kitchen and lifestyle and make blending at your home a surefire pleasure.

1. Vitamix

Vitamix is a brand well-loved for its high-quality craftsmanship. Their blenders win the heart of many homeowners due to the product’s outstanding performance, simple controls, and tested durability.

One of their main draws is their incredibly powerful motor. At its fastest speed, it ensures top-notch refinement of whole grains, frozen mixtures, or ice in silky consistency. Adding the premium stainless-steel blades, it finished the task in a matter of a few seconds. Thanks to variable speed control, you can also adjust the speed to attain any desired texture.

Meanwhile, the well-made pitcher locks securely in place without having to twist it onto the base, making it easier to place and remove. It is also big enough to make up to 6 portions in one go, which is perfect for bigger families.

What’s even great is that it comes with a radial cooling fan and an overload safety function. Should it run too long or strain too much, the blender’s motor will shut down to avoid any circuit damage. Though Vitamix blenders are on the pricier end of the spectrum, they’re a smart investment due to their premium quality and a generous 7-year warranty.

2. Ninja

A maker of impressive ovens, air fryers, grills, and other cookware, Ninja’s also offers top-grade, innovative, and functional blenders. It’s a hit not only for home cooks but for professional cooks as well who want to make nearly everything they wish, from quick pieces of bread, dressings, pesto, and margaritas. Plus, some of their blenders even come with unique attachments like a micro-juicer and food processor, allowing you to do so much more.

While their products are mostly plastic, don’t fret as it’s of superb build quality and feels solid and sturdy. Jars, blades, and lids are as durable, which means you’ll not encounter issues using them alongside the powerful motor. Their blenders can be a reliable and efficient tool in your kitchen, which you can get without having to pay much like you would for a Vitamix model.

3. Breville

There’s no doubt that Breville is a top-level appliance brand. With that, their blenders also scream prime quality. Their high-end models “The Boss” and “The Juice and Blend” cost over $500. Yet, the hefty price tag entails insanely powerful motors and an array of speeds of control that can liquefy nearly any type of food you put in.

They also offer mid-range blenders but ease your worries as they pack a lot of punch as well. Though these models are usually the “no-frills” type of blenders, they are equipped with high-powered motors and varying levels of speeds that will quickly spin, mix, and deliver any of your blending needs. A bonus is that their blenders come in sleek designs, making them a stunning accessory to your countertop.

True enough, Breville carries their name and reputation in their blenders. There’s no mediocre model in their line-up. Just your which suits your budget and taste, and enjoy creating goodness from their premium blenders.

4. Cuisinart

Another popular is Cuisinart which offers high-quality mid-range blenders. Their models are powerful and durable and come with pre-set functions like ice crush, hot soup, fruit smoothies, green smoothies, and auto-clean. You can mix and blend food items to make creamy soups, tasty baby food, and velvety smoothies, with almost no perceptible residue.

In addition, Cuisinart is easy and convenient to use. You can start any task instantly with a push of a button and see amazing results in no time. It can match the performance of high-end brands and devote the same texture and consistency, but without hurting your paycheck as Cuisinart blenders come at half the price.

5. Cleanblend

Cleanblend may be a low-end brand, usually at a third of the cost of the top brands. Yet, don’t skip on them as you might be surprised how amazing their models can deliver. Cleanblend blenders promise commercial-grade performance, powerful enough to make ice cream, fresh juice, batters, cappuccinos, and more. There are no grainy lumps, unblended bits, and unwanted tough chunks left. Thus, elevating whatever recipe you are trying to make.

With food-grade stainless steel blades, expect that it can chop, liquefy, and pulverize whatever it touches in a breeze. Meanwhile, their containers are BPA-free, so you can be assured that you can enjoy safe, speedy, and delicious dishes.

6. Kitchenaid

Kitchenaid’s blenders are powerful machines that are excellent for a variety of uses. You can use it to mix cookie batter, mix protein shakes, make hummus, and even nut milk. Don’t worry about exploring new recipes as their blenders are outstandingly well-built and are highly durable, which means you’ll have no issues using them all day. Adding the tech-advanced features, blending tasks becomes easier and faster. It’s little wonder that this powerful tool is also adored by many professionals and product experts.

7. Nutribullet

One of the most renowned and visible brands, you might have already seen Nutribullet blenders in large ads in stores and or in TV commercials. It’s a single-serve blender that could quickly transform your favorite fruits and vegetables into a health-boosting smoothie.

What separates Nutribullet apart from other blenders of its type are its high-powered motor and user-friendly design. You can operate it with ease, blend ingredients in seconds, and even drink directly from the cup, eliminating extra kitchenware to wash up. Though they’re best recommended for smoothies, you’re welcome to mix cocktails, sauces, dips, and salad dressings in this tool, making it a worthy addition to your arsenal.

8. Blendtec

Another big name in the blender industry is Blendtec. The brand established its reputation as a provider of some of the most durable, powerful, and versatile blenders available on the shelves. You can solve a wide array of mixing and blending tasks using this reliable machine, be it emulsifying sauces, pulverizing chickpea, or grinding ice and frozen goods.

Equipped with pre-programmed cycles, you can also tackle any task with a lot of convenience. Plus, it also has a clear LCD display, making it easier to track where the tool is at. All in all, it’s dependable to have on your countertop, capable of handling whatever blending needs you’ll have.

9. Oster

Oster offers a variety of high-quality blenders without forcing consumers to spend that much. Their blenders perform well against more high-end brands and are highly durable to last you for years. Coming with pre-programming blending modes, a single touch is all you’ll need to tackle the most common blending tasks. Add its premium blade, you can pulverize even the hardest items like ice, nuts, and peas for your recipe needs. So, if you’re looking for a great blending experience without breaking the bank, this brand is the right one for you.

10. Smeg

Capping this list is Smeg, another well-known blender manufacturer, whose products are specifically designed to make tasty smoothies. It features four-speed settings, which can help you achieve the different kinds of textures you prefer. Yet, what you’ll love even more is its sleek body and retro-style design that comes in a variety of colors. It’s among the nicest-looking blending machines you’ll find in the market without sacrificing performance. It is stylish and performs well, a true head-turner in any kitchen.


That’s the rundown of some of the most popular brands of blenders today. They’re not equally made, but each has its distinct features and offerings that make them fit different users. Take time to assess what you want and what you need, you’ll soon find a brand that suits you and start blending your journey towards healthy, delicious foods.

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