Adding a Window to a Shed Office

If you’ve finally decided to turn your shed into a useful and beautiful home office, you might as well want to add a window to your personal workspace. A shed window isn’t only a mere opening on your wall. They serve many purposes that can provide your simple box-like office with a more productive and conducive work environment. 

Continue reading below to learn more about the benefits it brings, the different options you can adapt, plus a quick step-by-step guide – all the best ideas that will make you ready to install windows in your shed office in no time.

Benefits of Adding a Window to a Shed Office

One of the main advantages of adding a window to your shed office is that they act as cosmetic improvements, providing that extra aesthetic appeal to your space. If you have the right style and align it with your theme, it simply makes your structure nicer to look at.

In general, windows also make any place a more livable, work-friendly one. They let in natural light, which can help stimulate your senses and keep you more awake and energetic to do all the tasks at hand. Not to mention natural light has also been linked to reducing symptoms of eyestrain, blurred vision, and headaches. Thus, allowing you to focus better and boost your productivity.

Windows that open also promote better ventilation and fresher air. They aid in reducing condensation, clearing out indoor pollutants, and preventing allergen buildup. Plus, they also help you save on electricity bills as the cool breeze eliminates the need for fans and AC.

Of course, better air quality also has profound effects on cognitive performance, enhancing your ability to process information, make decisions, and work efficiently. All in all, windows can help make you feel better and happier. In turn, improving the overall quality of your work.

Window Ideas and Options for your Shed Office

With all those perks, you might be thinking of adding a window to your shed office straight away. Yet, don’t pull the trigger right away, as there are many window ideas and options to choose from to make your shed window even more pleasing and functional.

1. Sliding Window

As its names suggest, a sliding window is one that opens horizontally, thanks to the track and the bottom of the frame. They are available in different sizes and may come with a screen, making them more ideal if you want to achieve the best ventilation for your shed office. If your place is blessed with outstanding views, sliding windows can also provide the best views of your surroundings. It’s perfect if you wish to take a break by relishing the beauty and get that needed respite and restart before returning to your tasks.

2. Transom Windows

Transom windows were once popular, but their appeal dwindled in the ‘70s and ‘80s. Yet, it doesn’t mean you should disregard them, especially since they can be a distinct and useful addition to your shed office.

A fixed transom is usually placed atop an existing door or another window. Their main purpose is to allow the passage of light if the door or painted windows are shut. Some types of transom windows are even open to permit better airflow.

As they’re situated high above, transom windows are also your best bet if you want to keep anyone from seeing inside the shed or distract you when you’re working.

3. Door Windows

If you don’t wish to give up a part of the wall space, having a door window is your best solution. While they don’t offer additional ventilation, they’re an excellent way to bring in light into your shed office. From an aesthetic viewpoint, this style also transforms a dull-looking door into a more appealing one, adding cosmetic value by making the exterior of your shed more attractive.

4. Hopper Windows

Hopper windows are basically small, narrow windows that open from the top, swinging outward and inward from the upper sash with a swing handle shutting it in place. These windows are suitable for security as their opening doesn’t reach a 90-degree angle. Thus, making them difficult to break into. As such, hopper windows are your best option if you wish to have more natural light and better airflow without compromising the security of your shed office.

5. Awning Windows

Awning windows are the opposite of hopper windows. While they’re also long and narrow, awning windows hinge at the top, which means they open outwards from the lower sash. Like their counterparts, they provide excellent ventilation and decent lighting, as well as optimal security as they aren’t easy to open and break in from the outside. A bonus is that they can be left open during rain since they open outward.

6. Security Windows

Another option for your shed office is installing security windows. You can place them individually or have them function as a transom. As they’re intended for security, they are usually frosted so no one can see through them. They also do not open, so there’s no opportunity for breaking in

Though frosted, security windows are translucent, which means they still allow natural light to go in. Plus, they bring added aesthetic appeal to your shed. Alternatively, they can be used as complements to other existing windows on your shed.

7. Round Windows

Most deem that round windows won’t suit shed offices. Yet, they can actually be very practical. They’re aesthetically pleasing as they are available in different styles and options. As they’re fixed and can’t be opened, they are also excellent for security. Meanwhile, you can also find triple-paned round windows for added insulation to your shed office. Of course, they also let natural light in. You can even choose how much light you want to enter your shed as these windows also come in a variety of diameters.

8. Wooden Barn Sash

Wooden barn sashes are the traditional four-paned windows. They mostly come unfinished, providing a distinct rugged character and appeal to your shed office. As they are usually big, they also allow tons of natural light in. Another advantage is that they’re typically more durable against outside natural elements than single-paned windows. The catch is that they’re constructed from wood, which means they need to be maintained and lack security features, which both should be part of your consideration.

9. Single-Hung Windows

Single-hung windows are ones with one fixed and one movable sash. The upper usually remains fixed, while the lower opens and closes. They come in a variety of sizes, shapes, and materials and are an excellent option for letting in natural light and providing better ventilation. Like wooden barn sashes, single-hung windows will give your shed office a lovely traditional look.

10. Decorative Windows

If you wish to take things to a different level aesthetically, go ahead and install decorative windows. These are windows that come in different shapes like a half-moon, pentagon, octagon, trapezoid, triangle, or even a heart. They are fixed and do not open, so they don’t provide ventilation. What they do instead is allow natural light in, while preventing moisture infiltration. As their name suggests, they are often used as ornamental windows in tandem with other existing windows and doors.

Factors to Consider When Adding Window to Your Shed Office

Like how you’ve probably considered a lot of factors before converting your shed into an office, there are also many things you should assess before adding a window to the structure. These include the window function, whether you want to use it for providing light or ventilation, a combination of both, or only for aesthetic appeal. From there, you should consider the style and size and match it to your liking.

Security of the windows also matters, given that you’ve most likely been storing computer equipment and important documents in your shed office. Material is another factor. Wood looks the best and can be painted, but it can be costly. Vinyl and aluminum are cheaper, need little maintenance, and are suitable for most purposes.

Still, the decision boils down to your preference. So, make sure to take all these into account before deciding what window to add to your shed office.

How To Install a Window to your Shed Office

Once you’ve finally decided on the window style, size, material, and functionality, it’s time to install your desired window by following the steps below:

  1. Utilize a level measure and note the location where the window will go.
  2. Using spade drill bits or a paddle bit, drill pilot holes in the walls to provide accommodation for your reciprocating saw blade.
  3. Cut the window hole using your saw. You may tidy it up with a jigsaw if needed.
  4. Use a hammer and nails to install the header and footer of your shed window. Ensure that everything is level before permanently fastening them.
  5. Once the supports are in place, apply a vapor barrier or caulk sealant around the shed window’s opening perimeter.
  6. Find a partner so you can easily install the window in place. Through that, you can check the window’s levelness on each side.
  7. Press the window flanges towards the shed and screw them into the shed window’s opening. Apply flashing tape and put the window casing trim to finish the installation.

Final Words

Adding a window to your shed office isn’t only for show. You can reap many benefits from it like making your space more work conducive, which in turn can improve your work performance. Trim down your choices and use all the details above to help you make the decision. Soon, you’d be able to determine which one can give a better experience in your shed office.

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